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and another top cop

Police officer being probed for sexually harassing a colleague threatened to murder her and two other officers if they came to arrest him

  • James Goodchild from Stoke-on-Trent was found guilty at Hendon Magistrates
  • The PC was given a conditional discharge and slapped with a restraining order
  • Goodchild was called by PS Whitley and made threats against three officers
  • In conversation with sergeant who had rang him Goodchild said: ‘I will kill them, I will murder them if I see them, I know where they live and what cars they drive.’
PC James Goodchild, 30, from Stoke-on-Trent, threatened to murder a colleague and two other officers if they came to arrest him

PC James Goodchild, 30, from Stoke-on-Trent, threatened to murder a colleague and two other officers if they came to arrest him

A policeman under investigation for the sexual harassment of a colleague threatened to murder her and two other officers if they came to arrest him, a court has heard.

PC James Goodchild, 30, from Stoke-on-Trent, said he would stab them if they came round his house and said he would die before going to prison.

The comments were made in a conversation with a sergeant who had rung him to discuss an upcoming gross misconduct hearing.

Westminster Magistrates Court was told there had been allegations of bullying and rape threats that he allegedly made.

Goodchild, who has been off sick from work since October 2017, was found guilty of sending by public communication network an offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing message at a trial at Hendon Magistrates’ on January 8.

At his sentencing at Westminster Magistrates he was given a conditional discharge and slapped with a restraining order for the comments he made to the sergeant.

Prosecutor Malachy Pakenham said: ‘PS Whitley rang PC Goodchild in reference to a gross misconduct investigation that was being held in relation to the defendant.

‘During the conversation the defendant made threats against police officers Lauren Hillier, Andy Creed and Alex Platt.

‘He said “I will kill them, I will murder them if I see them, I know where they live and what cars they drive. If they come to my home and arrest me they are going to get stabbed. I will not go to prison alive.”

Goodchild, pictured, has been off sick from work since October 2017 and made the comments about officers Lauren Hillier, Andy Creed and Alex Platt while on the phone with PS Whitley

Goodchild, pictured, has been off sick from work since October 2017 and made the comments about officers Lauren Hillier, Andy Creed and Alex Platt while on the phone with PS Whitley

‘He was arrested and questioned about remarks he made to the sergeant. There was a prepared statement in response to what had been said.

‘To the comment about ‘I will kill them’ he said ‘this is right but it’s without detail or context’.’

The prosecutor read out a victim impact statement from PC Hillier, saying: ‘Since receiving the threats I have been subjected to in my workplace I don’t feel safe, I feel severely anxious and have problems sleeping.

‘I have had to go on medication for anxiety. I am taking sleeping tablets to get to sleep at night. I find it difficult to leave my home and often find it difficult to leave my bedroom.

‘I have been unable to attend my lessons in university. I find it difficult being around lots of people.

‘The anxiety often renders me useless, worse than before I reported the sexual harassment in the first place.’

She added: ‘All my family live in Wales… my family are fearful for my safety and want me to move back home before something happens to me.

‘My colleagues keep their distance so not to be associated with me. They don’t want to seem to be be involved, so it’s a lonely existence at work.

‘I’m starting to think that the only way to feel truly safe is to leave my job so my location wouldn’t be known.’

She continued: ‘Goodchild is my ex-colleague and there’s a background to that which includes bullying and rape threats.

At his sentencing at Westminster Magistrates he was given a conditional discharge of 12 months and slapped with a restraining order for the comments he made to the sergeant

At his sentencing at Westminster Magistrates he was given a conditional discharge of 12 months and slapped with a restraining order for the comments he made to the sergeant

‘I feel that he doesn’t respect that he’s fortunate to get away with previous offences.’

Mr Pakenham also read out a victim impact statement from PC Andrew Creed.

He said: ‘I was concerned about this because his behaviour seemed to be escalating. My experience with James is that he’s very unpredictable.

‘I feel anxious about Lauren’s safety when she’s at home. The fact that I can’t protect her leaves me anxious.

‘I have previously heard that James doesn’t tolerate grasses. I’m concerned this will escalate and that he will seek revenge.

‘I’m genuinely concerned he will carry out a violent act on either Lauren or myself.’

Defending Goodwin, Robert Fitt said the pre-sentence report in relation to his client was ‘glowing’ and that the defendant was suffering depression at the time.

Mr Fitt said: ‘He is still off work sick. There are ongoing proceedings in relation to the police officers.

‘I am asking for a conditional discharge because if it is anything more serious it would end his career. This would cause him great financial difficulty.

‘He has been struggling with his finances for some time. He has got out a loan to pay his legal expenses.

‘He’s due up for his hearing and there’s a question as to whether he will be fit to attend.

‘This is an offence he committed in response to a telephone call that the defendant received. He didn’t make that call.’

Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser slapped Goodchild, from Stoke-on-Trent, with a restraining order despite his lawyer’s protests.

She said: ‘There’s no doubt this is a serious offence because of the nature of the threats made and the fact that the threats were made against other police officers.

‘The impact on the officers is clear from the impact statement. They are suffering genuine anxiety.

‘This is compounded by the fact that you pleaded not guilty and forced the witness to attend and give evidence at trial and be challenged.

‘I have sympathy for the fact that the conversation was a private conversation with a police sergeant in terms where that officer was working as a welfare officer for you.

‘I also take into account the considerable stress you were under and that you were diagnosed with work related depression. You have served the community for ten years and never faced disciplinary action before.

‘I’m going to give you a conditional discharge of 12 months.’

Goodchild will also have to pay £775 in costs and was given an indefinite restraining order in relation to PC Hillier and PC Creed.

Ms Baraitser said: ‘Not only is the test met but is a necessary response to this offence.’

Hang it

Porn-addicted paedophile is jailed for 10 years after walking into police station and confessing to abusing children as young as one to ‘clear his conscience’

NEW Perry, from Aberystwyth, Wales, was described as an ‘extremely high risk’ to children and was jailed following trial at Swansea Crown Court. He had abused children as young as six-months-old

if he had been hanged…

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UK database

59 mins

A father who was sentenced to 10 years in 2013 after he shook and killed his five-week-old baby after losing his temper has been RELEASED early

In 2013, Mark Lackenby (then 32) appeared in court after he had bet that Arsenal would beat Barcelona in their Champions League clash in February 2011.

But he became so angry when Barcelona took the lead that he lashed out at his daughter Ruby, leaving her with catastrophic injuries.

Lackenby shook his baby daughter Ruby so violently as he watched the televised match she suffered brain damage and bleeding on the brain.

Further tests after death also showed five small bruises to the back of the skull and one bruise on top which were only visible internally.

Pathologists dated the bleeding on the brain to having been caused 24 hours before death.

She died the next day when her life support had to be switched off.

He was cleared of murdering his daughter at their home in Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire but was found guilty of manslaughter and grievous bodily harm.

The court was also told that Lackenby had broken his child’s ribs a week or so before he inflicted the fatal injuries.

The court heard neither paramedics nor doctors could revive the infant when she was rushed to hospital.

She suffered brain damage and bleeding around the brain and medics also found she had three broken ribs caused about a week earlier.

The judge said that there was evidence he had harmed baby Ruby on other occasions.

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave said: “It was not a momentary loss of control or isolated but something which must be placed in its context of a growing pattern. These were incidents of temper.”…/mark-lackenby-goldthorpebolton…/


Revealed: The 189 police officers convicted of crimes including murder, child pornography and drug dealing since 2013

Dozens of police officers have been found guilty of a string of serious crimes since 2013
Dozens of police officers have been found guilty of a string of serious crimes since 2013

They are paid to protect the public and uphold the law but dozens of police officers have been found guilty of a string of serious crimes since 2013 including murder, sexual assault and child pornography.

Figures obtained under a Freedom of Information request show there have been 189 convictions across 12 police forces over the past five years.

The Police Service Northern Ireland had the worst record, with 57 offences committed by serving officers including possession of a loaded firearm while drunk, supplying class B and C drugs and selling counterfeit goods.

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    Untouchable by Randall Sullivan. I’ll definitely check it out.

  2. There’s a constant double-speak with MJ fans who claim he was the most humble man, yet whose home was littered with pictures of him knighted, wearing a crown or some other form of royalty.

  3. This is an individual whose narcissism is so extreme and grandiose that they exist in a kind of splendid isolation in which the creation of the grandiose self takes precedence over legal, moral or interpersonal commitments. Like supporting a man to sleep with little boys.

  4. Every Michael Jackson fan I spoke to emphasized Jackson’s charisma, how all eyes went to him as soon as he entered a room (or indeed, appeared on stage). Fans spoke of Jackson as if they loved him. I’d go as far to even revere him as a saint.

  5. Cult leaders have an outstanding ability to charm and win over followers. They beguile and seduce. They enter a room and garner all the attention. They command the utmost respect and obedience.

  6. These are MJ supporters who attacked Wade Robson when he came foward. And in the spirit of MJ they attack with the fury of a harridan.

  7. Don’t ask me to explain Wade’s or any other victims actions. Ask me why you defend a man who slept in the same bed with kids.

  8. ..boys was so strong that he could put it out of his mind.

  9. Another point to make is that the strip search had no effect on MJs behavior. The sleepovers with boys, the root cause of this purportedly “dehumanizing” experience, continued unabated. Either the experience wasn’t as bad as he made it out to be, or MJs compulsion to sleep with..

  10. …& goes on to mention his “embarrassing” disease vitiligo. Jackson certainly wasn’t being modest when reliving this supposedly “dehumanizing” episode he was attempting to elicit sympathy from easily manipulated members of the public. It still works more than twenty years later

  11. “Michael Jackson was embarrassed that photos were taken of his genitalia.” Jackson describes (in a laundry list of items which supposedly embarrass him) exactly what the police photographed — “my penis, my buttocks, my lower torso, thighs, and any other area that they wanted”…

  12. and that “the evidence does not show that any crime has been committed.” The delay in the complaint being filed, & the negotiations by Pellicano proved that no crime had been committed. “The law actually favors trying to settle actions without going to court,” Montagna concluded.

  13. A complaint of extortion was subsequently filed with the police by Jackson’s team; after a five-month investigation the deputy Los Angeles County district attorney Michael J. Montagna announced “We’ve declined to file today criminal charges of attempted extortion,”…

  14. After Pellicano revealed the alleged plot to the assembled media a reporter from the Los Angeles Times asked if Jackson’s team had reported the extortion to the police. Pellicano sheepishly revealed they had not.

  15. In reality, the transcript revealed a revengeful father who was angry that Jackson, with the help of the boy’s mother, was coming between himself and Jordan. No mention was made of extortion nor molestation.

  16. It wasnt until a year later, when the original tape transcript materialized in an unrelated court case, that it was discovered that the recording Pellicano played was selected sentences spliced together from hours of conversation to make Evan Chandler’s demandslook like extortion

  17. …beyond, beyond his worst nightmares. He will not sell one more record….If I got through with this, I win big time — I will get everything I want … destroyed forever.”

  18. …and “I wanted to see if he would take it.”To bolster his claim of extortion, Pellicano played a tape of a conversation he had recorded where Evan Chandler said “This man is going to be humiliated beyond belief and, and he will not believe what is going to happen to him —…

  19. …in Jackson lawyer Howard Weitzman’s office that the accusations against the entertainer were an “extortion gone awry”. Addressing questions related to the monetary offers made to Chandler, Pellicano said “I was trying to set him up with the extortion,”…

  20. The psychiatrist by law had to report the abuse to the authorities, leading to a police investigation. On the 23rd of August the first media reports suggesting abuse appeared, and the following day Anthony Pellicano announced at a press conference…

  21. Exasperated, and with a deadline looming where he had to hand the boy back to his wife who would then allow renewed access to Jackson, Evan Chandler took Jordan to a psychiatrist. The boy then revealed abuse at the hands of Jackson.

  22. Anthony Pellicano to work out a deal with the father. Pellicano offered the Chandlers a million dollar settlement; this was rejected and Pellicano, with Jackson’s blessing, lowered his offer to $350,000.

  23. If Jackson were innocent this would have been seen as a blatant extortion attempt, yet rather than Jackson and his legal team reporting Evan Chandler to the police, the pop star and his lawyers treated it as a starting point for negotiation and appointed private investigator…

  24. There was no extortion. On August 4th 1993 Evan Chandler met with Jackson and his lawyers, suggesting that unless Jackson paid twenty million dollars he would take Jordan to see a mandated reporter (who would then need to report any alleged abuse to the authorities).

  25. The fact that “Michael Jackson is no longer here to defend himself” is irrelevant. Wade’s action was against his companies, which are still registered and active. Again, more emotive language from the Jackson company lawyers.

  26. The birth of Wade’s son was a strong factor in him finally coming forward, as he explained in his complaint.

  27. Wade’s disclosure can also be explained not for the love of money, but by typical victim behavior as outlined by Lanning: Some compliant victims eventually disclose due to significant changes later in their lives such as marriage or the birth of a child.

  28. Lanning goes on to say: If necessary, an education expert witness can explain the dynamics of these “consenting” victim patterns of behavior to the court. I have personally done so in several cases in the US with the admissibility of my testimony upheld by appellate courts.

  29. Wade obviously had a deep love for Michael, that cannot be denied; and the belief that he wasn’t a victim – Jackson brainwashed Wade into thinking that the molestation was his idea and that it was how they expressed their “love”.

  30. This puts Wade’s denials on the witness stand at the 2005 molestation trial into perspective. The two strongest motives that would apply to Wade, based on his complaints, would be the presence of positive feelings for the offender (Jackson) –

  31. • Presence of positive feelings for the offender. • Embarrassment or fear over their victimization. • The belief they are not really victims.

  32. Ken Lanning also states that: In my experience, some of the more common reasons that compliant victims do not disclose are: • The stigma of homosexuality. • Lack of societal understanding. • Failure to tell when they should have.

  33. anyone else ever has. Many of these victims never disclose their victimization. Younger children may believe they did something “wrong” or “bad” and are afraid of getting into trouble. Older children may be more ashamed and embarrassed.

  34. Most likely he may  not initially realize or believe he is a victim. Some victims are simply willing to trade sex for attention, affection, and gifts and do not believe they are victims. The sex itself might even be enjoyable, and the offender may be treating them better than…

  35. …repeatedly and voluntarily return to the offender.  Society and the criminal-justice system have a difficult time understanding this. If a neighbor, teacher, or clergy member molests a boy, why does he “allow” it to continue and not immediately report it?

  36. For most people, this seems as though he is now lying for money, but that’s not the case. Lanning writes: Because victims of acquaintance exploitation usually have been carefully seduced and often do not realize or believe they are victims, they…

  37. Wade’s experience as a compliant child victim is quite difficult for many people to take in. Why would Wade keep quiet, and even deny, the abuse took place? Why would Wade get on the stand and support his abuser? Why would Wade continue to support his abuser even as an adult?

  38. • Lifetime of victim shame, embarrassment, and guilt. • Offenders being able to have numerous victims over an extended period of time. • Ineffective prevention programs that not only do not prevent victimization, but also make the first four problems worse.

  39. …of compliant child victims often results in the following: • Victims failing to disclose and even denying their sexual victimization. • Incomplete, inaccurate, distorted, even contradictory victim disclosures when they do happen.

  40. …may not rely on strict legal analysis. The sad reality is, nonetheless, that such victim behavior does have significance in the perception of society and in the “real world” of the criminal justice system. Society’s lack of understanding and acceptance of the reality…

  41. …are, therefore, not necessarily elements in determining if a crime has occurred. Understanding this is especially problematic for the public (i.e., potential jurors) and professionals (i.e., physicians, therapists) who lack specialized training in criminal law and…

  42. …threats, weapons, or physical force. Although cases with these elements certainly exist, when adults and children have sex, lack of “consent” can exist simply because the child is legally incapable of giving it. Whether or not the child resisted, said no, and was overpowered..

  43. …sexually violent predator, and unwanted sexual activity, when discussing or inquiring about the sexual exploitation of children assumes or implies in the minds of many that all child victims resist sexual advances by adults and are then overpowered by coercion, trickery…

  44. Ken Lanning describes why children who have been abused remain silent. In theory, the law recognizes the developmental limitations of children and affords them with special protection. The repeated use, however, of terms such as rape, sexual violence, assault, attack…

  45. They see the abuser as a “friend”, even as part of their family. They may be getting things from their abuser they don’t get anywhere else: affection, love, even gifts or money. They don’t want to see their “friend” get into trouble so will keep quiet about the abuse.

  46. Compliant child victims make catching and convicting an acquaintance molester very difficult. A compliant child victim will return willingly to, and even initiate sex with, their abuser.

  47. MJ was vindicated legally in that he was found not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the 2005 charges, but far more ?s were raised about his behavior w/ boys in the yrs prior than were answered by his acquittal.

  48. But include George Washington owning 123 slaves; Martin Luther King Jr. buying his doctoral thesis from another student; and Robin Williams knowingly giving a woman herpes while also cheating on his wife.

  49. That he wouldn’t be capable of doing wrong while in bed with a young boy. This fails to take into account that good people are capable of doing bad things (just as bad people are capable of doing good things) of which there are examples too many to count…

  50. Of course, this is a dangerous game, unless the person they’ve selected as their surrogate-thinker is, say, Jesus Christ. Now, some of these people defending Jackson may quote some of his charitable and humanitarian works at this point and say that he is such a “good guy”

  51. They were willing to abandon or at least re-calibrate, at the drop of a hat, the most self-evident of all moral principles for the sake of defending Michael Jackson.

  52. They lived their whole lives feeling quite certain that adult men shouldn’t be taking young boys into their bed, until their favorite pop star informed them otherwise.

  53. These people never had this revelation when Catholic priests took young boys into their bed, or when any other celebrity participated in similar forms of deviancy.

  54. …for an adult man to sleep with young boys after all.

  55. These people, the apologists, fall mainly into two different groups: Either they have decided that the accusation that Jackson slept with kids must be false, even if there is plenty of evidence proving otherwise; or they have decided that, hey, maybe it isn’t so bad…

  56. Predictably, shamefully, most MJ fans, and even some non-fans, have chosen the latter. On the web, or Facebook, or Twitter, it doesn’t take long to find people who believe that criticizing Jackson for sleeping with children is somehow wrong.

  57. That’s the argument he plainly made. You can believe your eyes, ears, and brain on this matter, or you can lie. Those are your only 2 choices.

  58. This is not normal. He enjoyed sleeping with boys. He said there was nothing wrong with it, and even said all adults should sleep with children.

  59. for Jackson’s predilection for sleepovers, it bears repeating here that he spent hundreds of nights sharing the same bed one-on-one with boys….

  60. MJ conspiracy theorists fall back into your rooms your momma putting over your heads. I’m not the one.

  61. The stupidity of MJ supporters is astonishing. They even deny expert sexual victimization testimony from Ken Lanning. The foremost expert in child sex crimes AND testimony from his own sister.

  62. Look where Michaels hand is.

  63. Cuz they don’t pay for rowdy teens.

ROTHERHAM CHILD SEX ABUSE SCANDAL – EDITOR’S OPINION: A little girl was raped with a broken bottle,



ROTHERHAM CHILD SEX ABUSE SCANDAL – EDITOR’S OPINION: A little girl was raped with a broken bottle, and yet former Council Leader and Police and Crime Commissioner refused to answer questions in interview James Mitchinson Email Published: 17:57 Thursday 05 February 2015 Share this article Sign Up To Our Daily Newsletter Sign up 1 Have your say CHILDREN were sexually exploited in Rotherham by Pakistani men, en masse. That is an undisputed fact: concrete evidence bears this out, and yet when the latest Government official to look under Rotherham Council’s rock did so, she found not an authority determined to right some heinous wrongs, but a hunkered down posse of belligerent bullies who were adamant that both Professor Alexis Jay and now Louise Casey were incompetent fantasists who’d made a mountain out of a molehill. The ‘upstanding’ members of the council under investigation told Casey that there wasn’t an issue, and in fact that it was the fault of people like me; the media was out to get them, they said, and they’d done nothing wrong. Casey discovered public figures of senior authority who were more bothered about protecting their good name than they were the people who needed their protection the most. ‘That Jay woman is talking rubbish. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Don’t worry, folks. As you were.’ Cushion Cover – £13.99 £13.99 “Features: -Cushion cover only, insert not included.-Contemp circle design.-Pillow Type: Cushion Cover.-Cover Material Composition: 100%… Promoted by That was the attitude Casey encountered. As she puts it, ‘a resolute denial of what has happened in the borough’. I’m afraid that is unforgivable.Rewind a little: Rotherham’s Youth Service tells the very same group of people that something untoward was going on right under their noses. Young people were being exploited by men from a particular community, the Pakistani community. What they’d identified was that a pattern of abuse was occurring – triangulated in the Casey/Jay reports between schools, care homes, takeaways and taxis – and that they needed the help of the police and social services to stamp it out, otherwise hundreds of children were at risk.At risk of what?When these sick individuals first meet these children, they are just that…children. Imagine your own nine-year-old daughter (that’s how young one victim was when the ‘brainwashing’ process began), and the things she does: dance classes, Harry Potter books, Frozen. Football, netball, swimming. Perhaps curious about make-up, princess dresses and mum’s high heels. In other words, innocence personified. That’s who these men targeted, and continue to target. By the time they’re done forcing them to have sex with them and indeed other men – impregnating them, and forcibly aborting their child – plying them with heroin, cannabis and alcohol, throwing petrol on them and threatening to burn them alive unless they perform sex acts against their will; raping them with broken bottles; by the time they’re bored and looking for the next vulnerable little girl, those victims are quivering, drug dependent (through no fault of their own) mentally scarred, isolated, suicidal shadows of their former self. They’re unlikely to ever recover. It’s a hellish life sentence. So what happened to that Youth Service? RMBC silenced it by shutting it down. In that context, someone has to be held to account in a court of law, surely? Unfortunately these institutionalised bullies cannot silence Professor Jay. Louise Casey will not be shut down and The Star will not leave this issue alone until the paedophiles are behind bars and the people who allowed them to violate our children’s young minds and bodies are out of public office, and punished where appropriate.Remember, 1,400 young people have been preyed upon, attacked, even, predominantly by Asian men. Jay and Casey both outline in no uncertain terms that the only people to blame for these vile criminal acts are the perpetrators themselves and do not blame the council, councillors nor the police for said acts. In fact Casey says the current council management were courteous and accommodating. Every single person they wanted to and needed to speak to stepped forward, that is apart from two men: 1: Former Leader of Rotherham Council Roger Stone2: Former Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright They both ‘declined’ to be interviewed, according to Casey. Gentlemen, what possible reason could you have for being the only ones not to contribute by interview in order to bring these paedophilic sex monsters to book? You are conspicuous by your absence in this pursuit of open justice. Why? You have effectively been charged with overseeing a culture of sexist control; of bullying those who disagree with you; of suppressing, silencing and gagging whistle-blowers; of bribing concerned staff with pay-offs; of allowing political correctness to go so mad within your organisations that you allowed Asian men to effectively rape children uninhibited. I’ll clear any appointment in my diary to afford you both the opportunity to reply to these accusations laid out in Casey’s report, a report which leaves the reader in no doubt that Rotherham Council is rotten to the core. Having read, and re-read her extensive paper, I am left wondering if a more scandalous cover-up in the history of local government exists? Police divers search canal close to where missing Sheffield teenager was last seen Of course, there are some brilliant people on that authority who are just as upset at what has happened. It’s important to remember that, and Casey gives due praise early in her report. The people of Rotherham should be thankful to those people.Please remember: not all Pakistani men living in Rotherham are paedophiles, or harbour such individuals. It seems bizarre for me to have to say it in such explicit terms, but I feel the need to spell this out, particularly since both Jay and Casey suggest the fear of saying some of these things is exactly why we’re in this mess. The Asian community at large did not know this was happening. Some did, and kept it covered up. Likewise, we’re told, some did and tried to flag it up, but were forced to go away. Categorically, not everybody who knew – whether they tried to blow the whistle or cover it up – was from the Asian community. I urge you not to fall into the trap of the extreme right, and begin alienating friends and neighbours because of this. That is not acceptable.But sadly, in its pursuit of multi-cultural cohesion, in pursuit of keeping everyone happy by keeping a lid on the fact that Asian sex predators were running amok in South Yorkshire – for pity’s sake they even knew who some of them were, but did nothing – they were paralysing themselves for fear of ‘the race card’ and RMBC has in fact done exactly the opposite of nurturing community assimilation. It has allowed the right wing to seize an open goal and create a race war in Rotherham, encouraging the likes of the English Defence League to maraud through a once proud multi-cultural town. That pride is now replaced with shame, fear and distrust. With anger, confusion and emotion. With suspicion, assumption and speculation. So what next?The ‘lawlessness’ alluded to in Casey’s report must change: the people of South Yorkshire and beyond demand arrests. They want to see these men in the dock, and sent to jail. Dare I say, many would like to see them hang for what they’ve done, make no mistake. The police failed the people of South Yorkshire on several fronts. They failed these young girls and boys when they needed them the most. The whole of RMBC cabinet has stepped down. The whole council will be replaced. Commissioners will assume their work and get the authority back on track. So what is South Yorkshire Police’s equivalent of such a far-reaching root-and-branch clear out of dead wood? The people deserve action, and transparent action at that. The police force simply has to change its own mindset and culture. In the section of the Casey report headed ‘Where Were The Police?’ there is reference to these girls being ‘little slags.’ It goes on to reference an officer persuading a victim to drop her allegations because nobody would believe her. He then took her back to a takeaway – straight back into the clutches of her torturers. How will SYP reassure all of us that this will never happen again? To say ‘more needs to be done’, as they did today, is the understatement of the year. Yes, more does need to be done, but you need to show people what you’re doing, too. Otherwise, quite frankly, the public will not believe you’re doing anything at all.I am convinced that no person in South Yorkshire will rest until we’re satisfied things have changed. We’re watching intensely. The pressure from all of us upon every failing body involved in this horrific saga to improve in open view will not relent. And if called upon, I will ensure myself and The Star will do all we can to assist. That’s a promise.BY JAMES MITCHINSONEDITOR

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