Wildcat .tam paton arrests made ..kirknewton nonce worried?


Arrest in Tam Paton child abuse inquiry

POLICE investigating claims of a child abuse ring led by Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton have made an arrest, it can be revealed. Detectives have been carrying out a long-running investigation into the actions of the late pop Svengali and those around him from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Officers swooped on the 77-year-old suspect last month and he has since been charged in connection with “non-recent sexual offences”. The Police Scotland probe has been carried out alongside the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, chaired by judge Lady Smith. Several men who claim to have been abused at Paton’s Edinburgh home when they were teenage boys in care are understood to have spoken to the inquiry.

Last night, one survivor – who cannot be named for legal reasons – said: “The police came to my door and said they had made an arrest.

“They said the charges are relating to the parties held at Paton’s house.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all as I was interviewed by the police ages and ages ago.

“I believe it has all come about as a result of the historic abuse inquiry.”

Paton, who weighed 25 stone when he died in 2009, was jailed in 1982 for gross indecency with 16 and 17-year-old youths.

It was an open secret in Edinburgh for many years that vulnerable teenagers and runaways were invited back to Paton’s home for drugs and sex parties.

However, he always defended his controversial lifestyle and claimed he was unfairly targeted for being openly gay.

In 1990, a 16-year-old boy from a care home was held at a flat owned by Paton in the New Town and raped repeatedly over several days.

This led to the Operation Planet scandal, where charges against a number of unidentified high-profile individuals were mysteriously dropped.

Five years ago, shortly after the truth emerged about Jimmy Savile, this newspaper was the first to question why Paton’s alleged crimes had apparently been ignored for so long.

At the time, Edinburgh University child sex abuse expert Dr Sarah Nelson said she had encountered many “damaged young men” who had been used by Paton and his group.

She said: “I have heard long-standing claims that very vulnerable boys and young men were not only sexually abused by Tam Paton but also that there was a paedophile ring in existence.”

Author Simon Spence uncovered links between Paton and an Edinburgh institution known as the Ponton House Lads’ Home in his 2016 book When the Screaming Stops: The Dark History of the Bay City Rollers.

Last year, he told the Scottish Sunday Express: “I interviewed over 100 people, including quite a few individuals who talked about how they were groomed and abused by Paton when they were as young as 13.”

Mr Spence was among those who urged Lady Smith and her team to look into the links between Paton and Nazareth House orphanage in Lasswade, Midlothian.

However, it is understood that most of the claims relate to council-run children’s homes in Edinburgh, which are still to be examined by the inquiry.

Last night, a Police Scotland spokesman said: “A 77-year-old man was charged on May 17, 2019 in connection with non-recent sexual offences and a report has been submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”


2 thoughts on “Wildcat .tam paton arrests made ..kirknewton nonce worried?

  1. Sarah Nelson has worked extensively with sexual abuse survivors.
    Tam Paton’s name was continually mentioned and she advised the government of the existence of a huge paedophile ring in Edinburgh. If you live in Edinburgh, you know that to be true .
    This was ignored. Why ?
    Infact the Scottish government has chosen to ignore several reports of sexual abuse and trafficking .
    They seem to be picking and choosing and this is retraumatising many victims who need justice.
    I cried when I read accounts of rape and sexual assault in her book.
    I felt empathy for those raped and abused and I can definitely understand the feelings of rage , anger a need for violent revenge.
    There are very few sexual abuse victims who have had justice and until this happens the vicious circle won’t stop.

    You would be blind not to see the link .
    Accounts of Edinburgh boys being taken of the street held for days and raped .
    Like the one raped in panmure place.
    Paton was also a friend of Ian Dunn’s the founder of PIE at Edinburgh University.
    This is all well documented.
    Therefore undeniable .
    It is a perfect example of
    ” hidden in plain sight ” and
    ” the worst kept secret ”
    Everyone knows.
    Through Sarah and her colleagues work these victims are at last realising,
    It’s not their shame to carry .
    Their voices are at last being heard.
    The Scottish government is losing support because of this .
    There has been no ” fresh start ” as promised for many ignored in the past by the system.
    A system that has bought and sold children, ( chickens , chics ) trafficked them from care homes and their own dysfunctional homes.
    Truthfully I think this is a powder kegg waiting to explode to almost nuclear proportions.
    The hurt pain and guilt due to victim blaming has reached enormous proportions.
    Many of Sarah’s patients have nothing left to lose .
    Tam Paton’s lover promised to write a book about
    “all the nasty people involved ”
    I can’t find it ? Has there been a gag put on that too ?
    I think Sarah Nelson and her colleagues need to keep on pushing the Scottish government to deal with this head on .
    I am 100% behind her .
    I have also noted Tam Paton manager of the Bay City Rollers apparently one of our biggest music acts .Has been named and shamed by members of this group .I believe one of them was convicted himself as an abuser .
    Our headline act this ” hogmanay ”
    Mark Almond , ” famous for drinking a glass of sperm ! Ugh .. kind of says it all about Edinburgh. A disgusting shit hole!


  2. “Tackling child sexual abuse ”
    radical approaches to prevention, protection and support
    A book by
    Sarah Nelson
    Numerous harrowing case studies are reported in Sarah’s book.
    Many of them in Edinburgh.
    Once you read this, you will feel impelled to join the fight for justice for those effected by this disgusting crime .
    Many have been denied their honesty and integrity questioned. A huge proportion of them labelled mentally ill .
    I have found that ” mentally ill ” is just a code word for ” sexually abused ”
    Dana Fowley is an example of a young woman severely damaged by a paedophile ring in Edinburgh.
    Somehow , she did manage to prove that . That is all any of the raped abused and trafficked deserve .
    Recognition of the crimes against them and justice by seeing the perpetrators punished accordingly .
    The Scottish government has failed them and favoured the sex offenders.
    That will be their legacy , for many that is the way they will be remembered.
    A government that failed a generation of
    used and abused individuals who’s lives have been destroyed.
    speak up . Speak out .
    Its not your shame to carry !

    Contact me if you need support in raising your voice .


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