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    Noa: The Dutch teenager who died from the impact of sexual abuse and assault | Newshub

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    Australia:Paedophile’s victim sues Cardinal George Pell for failing to protect via

  3.   Retweeted

    Germany registers shocking number of child abuse cases

  4.   Retweeted

    ‘Maddie search wouldn’t get fraction of cash if she was from Hull’

  5.   Retweeted

    Pervert found with 19,000 child abuse pictures and videos

  6.   Retweeted

    Pervert who hoarded vile stash of child abuse images dodges prison

  7.   Retweeted

    Fake police twitter account making allegations of child abuse investigated

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    Man tells his boss he’s going to jail as he’s a paedophile via

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    Kettering paedophile searched internet for child rape images

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    Youth worker caught in child sex trap by paedo hunters

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    Guildford man to be sentenced for child sexual offences – live

  12.   Retweeted

    Sex offender caught with child abuse images bailed after alleged order breach

  13.   Retweeted

    USA:Catholic Church spent $10.6 million to lobby against legislation that would benefit victims of child sex abuse via

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    Police hunting paedophile in Grimsby after leaving prison

  15.   Retweeted

    Convicted paedophile jailed for raping nine-year-old admits further offences via

  16.   Retweeted

    Scotland Yard detective visited Australia as part of VIP paedophile ring investigation, court hears via

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    Australia:Woman who reported a paedophile co-worker was bullied by colleagues via

  19.   Retweeted

    Paedophile jailed again for viewing indecent images of children

  20.   Retweeted

    NHS worker caught in online paedophile hunter sting

  21.   Retweeted

    Teacher started affair with teen pupil just FOUR WEEKS into his career

  22.   Retweeted

    Grant funding awarded to support survivors of sexual abuse in Suffolk

  23.   Retweeted

    Child sex groomer led police on car chase with victim wearing her dressing gown

  24.   Retweeted

    ‘Obsessed’ sex abuser had bizarre photos of his child victim

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    Google’s Chrome browser plans ‘risk undermining fight against online child abuse’, govt warned

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    Over 270 Abused Children Treated At Red Cross Hospital This Year via @

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    Nazareth House child abuse: East Kilbride survivor hails outcome of inquiry

  31.   Retweeted

    Man tried to have sex with ‘schoolgirls’ who were actually paedophile hunters

  32.   Retweeted

    The despicable North London criminals jailed in May

  33.   Retweeted

    Sentenced in May: St Helens criminals who appeared in court

  34.   Retweeted

    Man (36) caught with over 4,000 child pornography images and videos given fully suspended sentence (via )

  35.   Retweeted

    BBC News – Cardinal George Pell: Prosecutors defend ‘unimpeachable’ verdict

  36.   Retweeted

    BBC News – Domestic abuse: Police tell schools about children affected

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  38.   Retweeted

    Officials failed toddlers killed by violent men, inquiry finds

  39.   Retweeted

    Paedo teacher joked “I’m like Jimmy Saville” before sex with 14-year-old pupil

  40.   Retweeted

    BBC News – Ana Kriégel murder: Two boys found guilty

  41.   Retweeted

    Female paedophile who molested schoolgirls and women goaded victims in court

  42.   Retweeted

    Sentencing of paedophile ex-postman delayed

  43.   Retweeted

    Former police officer denies rape and serious child sex crimes

  44.   Retweeted

    Paedo sent pics of private parts to girl he thought was 15

  45.   Retweeted

    Witness to child abuse inquiry questions allegations against convicted Motherwell paedophile

  46.   Retweeted

    Paedophile downloaded more than 30,000 child abuse images

  47.   Retweeted

    Children’s charity hits out at convicted paedophile George Jackson who wanted to keep job as children’s entertainer

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    BBC News – Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Convicted child abuser was ‘father figure’

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    Swedish Gay Pride Boss, Foreign Ministry Official Allegedly Groom ‘Teenage Boy’: via

  53.   Retweeted

    BBC News – Beechwood: ‘I can’t believe the evil that happened there’

  54.   Retweeted

    Home Secretary quizzed over failure to deport Rochdale grooming gang members

  55.   Retweeted

    Child sex abuse victim paid just £20 compensation

  56.   Retweeted

    Call for course not court for first-time child porn pervs

  57.   Retweeted

    Man admits New Year’s Day sex assault on teenager outside Charter Walk, Burnley

  58.   Retweeted

    Rotary member from Brill who played Santa at Christmas jailed for sexually assaulting two children

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    Woman was groomed at 12 by family friend 41 years her senior via

  61.   Retweeted

    Kirkdale pensioner brought to justice over historic sex assaults on young girl

  62.   Retweeted

    Former primary school caretaker from Milton Keynes unmasked as predatory paedophile as he is jailed for three years

  63.   Retweeted

    Man trapped by paedophile hunters posing as girl, 13

  64.   Retweeted

  65.   Retweeted

    Paedophile found with vile baby rape videos spared jail after saying sorry

  66.   Retweeted

    Paedophile jailed for raping ‘vulnerable child’ under ten

  67.   Retweeted

    Scots paedo caught with knife and lube after trying to pull down 7yo girl’s trousers

  68.   Retweeted

    Rochdale grooming gang still on streets as Tories urged to deport vile abusers

  69.   Retweeted

    Paedophile ex-postie back behind bars for abusing two teen girls

  70.   Retweeted

    Paedophile gets 15 years in jail

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