help Hannah

Hi there We are Hannah, a not-for-profit movie raising awareness of childhood sexual abuse. We have been building the project for the last three and a half years, and are really touched by the support which has been given to us. This includes from CSA Survivors themselves and we are now working with two prolific survivors to make sure we get the film right. They are Hayley McGregor and Augusto Gomes and both are production consultants. Our aim is to raise awareness and so we are taking big steps to distribute the film worldwide on box office split deals, and are already in talks with cinemas in Norwich, London, Cornwall, Manchester, LA, Sydney and Melbourne. Our end of the box office split will go to our chosen charity in that country on campaigns which specifically focus on prevention of CSA work and supporting it’s survivors. We are looking to raise an extra £3000 to help us in the mounting costs of the process. Can you help us be putting out a tweet about this including the link below where people can donate as little as just £5 (not much more than a coffee). It should also be noted that we have a reward system for supporters. All of which can be seen through the link. Your support means the world to us. Thank you Julian Executive Producer/Creator

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