The saddest of news Nobel prize nominee and hero Robert Green dies last night

Dear All

I am very very sorry to say that Robert died at about midnight last night.

His daughter Catherine has told me that he was in a very good mental place having enjoyed her visit and those of other close friends and having discussed some matters that he was keen to see done.

We have lost a great man and we must remember his last request which is for all his friends and supporters to fight injustice wherever it is to be found.

I am sure Robert would like us all to remember the good times and I am also sure that nothing would please him more than for us to continue with the baton to stand up against child abuse and the cover-up of this terrible crime.

Kindest Regards Brian G


More to follow….. no other posts today

For Robert our brother




10 thoughts on “The saddest of news Nobel prize nominee and hero Robert Green dies last night

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  2. No one who ever met him will ever forget Robert, he’ll be with us for the rest of our lives, as will brave Hollie herself live on too – thanks to you for making sure of that x


  3. Sonia Poulton
    9 hrs ·

    This isn’t going to be long, I just need to acknowledge the passing of campaigner Robert Green.

    If you knew anything about this man you would know that he cared deeply about the safety and protection of children.

    Robert Green was defamed, attacked, imprisoned and relentlessly pursued for asking very serious questions about institutional child abuse.

    I will fondly remember all his telephone conversations, and there were many over the years, and I am proud and honoured to have known him.

    I am grateful that he is in Paedophiles in Parliament. It can be found here.

    Robert, Rest in Peace, my friend, thank you. You will be missed. x


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  5. Dear All

    I heard last night that Robert had passed away. God rest his soul and my condolences to Lorraine and his family.

    He will be sorely missed by all of us who knew how hard he had tried to expose paedophiles and the general filth in the Scottish Legal system.

    Followiing is how the Hollie Greig campaign started:

    Anne Greig approached me for help when she discovered that Hollie was being abused. I helped her as much as I could. At the time Robert was an English supporter of ‘Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers’. When I told him about Anne and Hollie Greig he was shocked as any decent person would be and asked me to give him Anne’s address so that he could interview her to satisfy himself about her bona-fides. He did so and within days reverted to me that she had convinced him 100% about her and Hollie’s situation and that he would do anything to help her. I immediately asked him to take over from me because I had so many other cases on my hands, plus earning a very meagre living that I just did not have either the time or wherewithal to help Anne and Hollie in a meaningful manner. He immediately agreed to take over from me.

    And, by God, he did just that! The rest is History. He did what the Police and Government should have done and still are failing to do which is to protect innocent victims of paedophiles, criminals, corruption etc ,etc. Goaled twice for being a too well informed and determined whistleblower! The state of our country nowadays just beggars belief..

    All I can now say is: ‘There goes a wonderful man who did his duty to God, King, Country and most importantly his Fellowman’. It behoves all of us to carry out his wishes to continue his great contribution to fighting the filth which has engulfed our country and many other countries in the world.

    Go well Robert. We will never forget you.

    Stuart Usher


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