Tym Rustage reports on Robert Green







Warrington Hospital – off-road / secure parking galore / £2:50 first hour.

A5 Ward is 2nd floor of the Appleton Wing – well signposted n easy to find – but lots of footwork – extensive corridor pedestrian travel.


Visited Robert this afternoon – daughter Catherine is here from London and staying at Rob’s place – we had a lengthy chat in private vis his current circumstances – and a very nice lady who emanates an impressive air of competence viz her Father’s condition and treatment – and pushing consultants / medical staff for quality of life treatment regardless of Rob’ advanced cancer and damning prognosis.


Okay, now to the sad part.


I’ve known Robert since 2010 (HGJ case #1) and as close proximity Cheshire neighbours became good friends – and a notorious bane to Scotland’s Cringemoregate Kiddie Fiddling Nonce-Ponce Society and their cover-up agents – and the Glassie / Edinburgh-based Violate BDSM Club membershits.


I hadn’t actually seen Rob since January / New Year, but he was then still well – and started with what he surmised to be a urinary tract infection around the end of the month – and ignored it – eventually seeking GP diagnosis and treatment when he noticed blood in his urine in early February – suspecting prostate cancer indication. (He must thus have been in hospital by the middle of the month as he failed to attend my 70th birthday bash at the Ye Olde No 3 pub in Lymm on St Valentine’s Day).


However, this sanguine discovery led to a series of mis-diagnosis by local GP and eventual total kidney failure – (hospitalisation and surgery) when the growing bladder tumour cut off the flow of excretory fluids from the kidneys to the bladder.


Now the bladder tumour has metastasised to the lungs – and to make matters worse, with his immune system being so heavily compromised, picked up an actual chest infection which has him on oxygen and suffering bouts of debilitating coughing.


To wit, this afternoon I located and walked into the 6-bed A5 ward and – not previously meeting daughter Catherine – was unable to recognise Robert – that is how severe his weight loss situation is – he has morphed into a bed-ridden cadaverous condition – and only when I visually scanned the patient details board above his bed did I realise this was my pal – facially emaciated beyond recognition.


Now, and you couldn’t make this shit up – the adjoining St Rocco’s Hospice have ‘evaluated’ (sic) Robert’s medical condition and after considering his ‘zero latitude’ prognosis, decided he’s ‘ too well’ / not sick enough to transfer to their facility – until he has at least one foot in the grave. This isn’t extended end of life care – but a ‘dead by dawn – or else’ palliative care culture.

Another burgeoning NHS scandalous disgrace thanks to Tory Nasty Party ‘austerity measures / cut-backs.


Thus Catherine has a mindset to push the doctors to get the chest infection cured and give him blood transfusion (s) for his anaemia then hopefully move him back to the familiar comforts of his own home.

As to chemotherapy – Robert simply isn’t well / strong enough to undergo the ravages of this treatment – in his current state of physical atrophy and ill-health.

Ref ‘alternative therapy / ies – well – Catherine might be of a mind to initiate ‘if’ he can return home – and she is convinced such could work in Rob’s favour.


Conversely, Robert, this fine, honest and selfless man – accepts he’s facing an ‘end of life’ situation and is maintaining his c’est la vie attitude and humour – we had a few laughs viz our joint experiences of the vagaries of human nature this afternoon – and recalled composing our very own parodied Michelin Guide to Scotland’s Penal Institutions.

But Rob’s best laugh related to our old adversary and Scottish Nonce Party cover-up merchant Alex ‘Porky Pict’ Salmond and his current ‘Edinburgh Amateur Rapist’ prosecution predicament.

Good to see him smile and get out a few gasping giggles – even from under an oxygen mask.

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3 thoughts on “Tym Rustage reports on Robert Green

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  2. Thank you for the update. I’ve sent Robert a card, so at least he knows we are thinking of him. The decision to forgo chemotherapy is wise, at this stage it would kill him. If he doesn’t mind, I’ll add him to a healer’s group I am part of and hope the energy helps him for a while. Hope Catherine can get him home soon, he’ll be so much better once he’s back there.


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