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Tom Hanks Admits He is a Violent Pedophile (Exhibits 3 & 4) – URGENT (self.PedoGate)
submitted 8 months ago by DestinationHanks
Tom Hanks is the Satanist pedophile king of Hollywood, and he’s been hiding it in plain sight only as of the last few years.
However, once you review the evidence, you’ll understand that it is so blatant, so obvious, so exceedingly arrogant — that it’s almost like he wanted to be caught. Just like James Gunn, Michael Ian Black, Rainn Wilson and now Rian Johnson (not the original spelling of his first name by the way, Ryan ;b) these people enjoy bragging to the community about their exploits and ‘conquests’.
I’m confident after this post, this piece of shit will be over. He’s already pulled several PR stunts since Weinstein’s exposure as being the next Hollywood star to be outted, but as a joke — known forever as Hollywood’s ‘Nice Guy’.
The thing that is apparent about Hanks is, as the common case with these people, they don’t judge themselves. They accept who they are, that they are sick — and this is who they will forever be. So because of that, they indulge in the sick humor and practice of mocking their public image as a not-so-subtle way of sharing who they really are.
So enough pretense…
His own fucking Instragram.
Yes, just like the other celebs mentioned above, Tom Hanks’ IG account is a glaring admission of some disgusting, dark psychology. The prevailing theme that dominates and monopolizes almost the entirety of his profile is featuring single discarded or lost gloves and shoes. Often, they are childrens’ gloves and shoes. On each one, he jokes with a tongue-in-cheek quip. Except if you take these captions *literally*, you begin to understand how fucking demented this guy is, and the true implications of these posts. Ultimately, looking at things in a literal sense it will become how truly obvious this guy is about his demons. I think this probably happened around the time of The Da Vinci Code, and this is not who he’s always been (but did have the potential to be).
Please keep in mind, this summary will become very grotesque. At some point, Hanks transformed into an absolute psychopath able to joke about an unspeakable violence with incredible indifference and even demented humor.
For example:
Caption: “Why is the baby so fussy? Here’s why! Cold out there. Hanx.” Hanks is joking that whatever baby this article of clothing DID belong to, the baby was literally fussy.
How about this one:
Caption: “That girl? Hopping around the park on one foot? Here’s why. Hanx.” Again, think literally.
Caption: “Cold hand somewhere! Hanx” Yes, literally.
As your browse his posts, you’ll see almost every single photo and caption are like this. In addition, he also features an ominous building in NY with no windows and asks in hyperbole “WTF goes on here???” Well, you probably know better than us, Tom.
In another, he features the album-art of a son’s friend (who he himself is a fucked up artist) titled ‘Sorry’, featuring a little boy, eyes closed in a mask and looking dead. Why would Hanks feel compelled to promote this work, over all his other Entertainment peers? And you wouldn’t think that the artists’ fans are necessarily Tom Hanks’ target-audience. And why wouldn’t someone like Hanks be worried about the backlash this photo could create? Hubris. It all comes down to hubris.
You’ll have to browse the rest of the images yourself, but remember to have a literal perspective interpreting each. If you want to accept the excuse that Hanks just takes pics of random lost objects as a random joke, then I ask the same as what people asked of James Gunn’s tweets: what’s the fucking joke?
***Also remember, it’s as if each of these body-parts have been severed or disembowed at one point. That’s where this summary turns grotesque.
This one is too obvious. It’s a sketch that has been re-circulating lately of Tom on the Jimmy Kimmel show that promotes and normalizes pedophilia. The sketch centers on the ‘Ultimate Sexy Baby Pageant’ and is littered with pedophilia. The girl wheres a shirt that reads ‘bosom buddies’, there are banners and posters throughout advertising ‘sexy baby’ and the girl performs a provacative dance. At one point, it suddenly cuts to Tom yelling, “POISON!!!” … then explains, “Oh. That’s the name of her favorite band…” Oh, really? Poison is a little girl’s favorite band? Or is he literally telling viewers poison is unsurprisingly a part of these pedophila acts? The girl ends her dance by singing the lyric that takes on a suddenly disgusting context by saying, “Talk dirty to me!” to the applause of the adult-audience. You can pick out a million other disturbing things about this video, but that Hanks would even risk and jeopardize his public-image by participating in a sketch about a sexy beauty-pageant for little girls is beyond reprehensible and at the least, suspicious. But remember, they love the idea of showing this right in our faces. Now that the foundation is there, let’s go in for the kill-shot.
Beware. When I came across this, I was paralyzed with fear and shock. It is beyond vile and grotesque, in that not only a major Hollywood star but TOM HANKS of all people would go on to laughably mock his ‘nice guy’ image and show the world he is a fucking psychopath. I’m talking on the level of not only being a pedophile, not only molestation, but pretty much the admission that he takes part in the violence and mutilation of children.

This sketch is only a couple years old. The premise is that a married couple are in an amusement-park ride like The Tower of Terror from Disneyland. The ride takes them to various floors, and each floor features a cliche scary Halloween act when the doors open — like a platter with a severed head, a demon-girl like The Ring, etc.
Eventually, they come to Tom Hanks’ character flanked by two skeletons and his name is David S. Pumpkins. The couple is naturally confused as this guy is not scary at all. (Get it? It’s LITERALLY supposed to be Tom Hanks. What’s scary about Tom Hanks…?) Hanks performs a dance with the two skeletons that includes mimicking grinding and rubbing up on each other, as well as him slapping their ass and the two skeletons moaning. When the couple inquires of who is this guy supposed to be, are they supposed to know him from somewhere, is he from something (they are rubbing it in your face), he just replies his name.
When they ask what’s the point of this vignette (literally asking, what is the point of this sketch), Hanks replies, “To do this!!!” — and resumes his sex-dance with the two skeletons that Kate McKinnon has now called Beat Boys. I.e., Tom Hanks is beating off two boys. He slaps their ass again and they moan. In addition, the sketch features Hanks doing a bizarre hand-gesture ritual by crossing his hands over and over again, while pointing with his thumbs (pointed thumbs up/down being a common pedophile symbol and gesture). This crossing hand-dance has an even more disgusting meaning behind it as you’ll find out (remember all the photos of the lost gloves and shoes?)… The couple also asks why the two skeletons are involved and they admit, “WE’RE PART OF IT!!!” Again, literally, these two actors (who also *wrote the sketch*) are admitting they are in on it. The third writer (Streeter Seidell) credited also has some perverted material online and one of his other SNL sketches is about a pizza-restaurant being raided after someone leaked information, like the Seth Rich incident. This one starred Aziz Anasari.
So what we have is an SNL sketch that, like the Jimmy Kimmel one, is a further admission of Tom Hanks that he is a pedophile. What makes it so vile is how Hanks thinks it would be so funny to throw this in people’s faces, mocking his ‘Nice Guy’ persona. I mean, the whole world thinks Tom Hanks is the most harmless, innocent guy in show-business when he is, in fact, one of the most evil to the point where he suggests the mutilation and murder of young children after raping them.

I would recommend that you watch first before reading further. Why? Too often we have people who make ridiculous accusations before someone sees something. Then, when they see it, they already know what to look for. I would suggest watching first and paying EXTRA SPECIAL ATTENTION to this special. The metaphors, allusions and symbols to me were basic and obvious enough. It’s insulting more people don’t pick up on it.
Still, this exhibit is by far the most incriminating and disgusting thing I’ve ever watched. Not necessarily because of all the obvious pedophile and satantic rituals featured in it, but because it is again a glaring admission that fucking Tom Hanks has been hiding in plain sight as the Satanic pedophile king of Hollywood. This cartoon was a 30 min. Halloween special that aired on NBC with Hanks doing the voice of the David S. Pumpkins character he starred in before.
I will tell you this first…
This special is not funny. Not for adults, not children. There are no jokes in the special. There is no point to the special. It’s built on the premise of the David Pumpkins character being as supposedly ambiguous and inexplicable as the initial sketch. E.g., Why is that his name? Why are you here? What is it that you do? And so on…
Except the sketch was clearly created as a further mockery of Tom Hanks public-image and is a complete confession of his Satanic alter-ego David Pumpkins and how he came to be. It’s all so fucking obvious.
The sketch is narrated by an adult who says as a kid he encountered David S. Pumpkins. The first fucked up thing about it only occurs 30 seconds in, when this adult Kevin goes to put a candle in his pumpkin and first says, paraphrasing, “I first met him one Halloween long ago, when I was about AGE 11 OR SO…. Oh, that wasn’t good!!”. He then mimics GIVING A BLOWJOB, but excused as some mistake with the pumpkin? Again it’s the literal admission of saying that it wasn’t a good experience meeting David Pumpkin and that he had to give a blowjob when he was eleven years old. For me, I don’t think you can misconstrue the meaning of this whatsoever. Nothing in these things is accidental, and the clear other allusions throughout the next 25 minutes make it just as obvious.
The episode contines with Kevin as a little boy, telling his younger sister he doesn’t want to get dressed up and go trick-or-treating. He’s embarrassed. This is a metaphpor for grooming children into accepting being raped and having sex with adults. Kevin runs into his girl-crush on the street and because he’s nervous, for some reason clammers, “I’m a little tutu boy!” and runs off…
He and his sister go to the pumpkin patch where David Pumpkins emerges from a rotted, spoiled pumpkin. The pumpkin recurs as a symbol for adolescents. So, in other words, the David Pumpkin alter-ego of Tom Hanks emerged from being a damaged little boy. (He goes into detail how traumatizing his childhood was, at some points admitting he was forced to sleep in the same bed as his dad and father when moving up to seven different places that sounds like a tale of his father kidnapping he and his brother to get back at their mom when they were young, sadly.) His father is even depicted as a raging, orange tornado amongst the splattering of pumpkins.
Once David Pumpkins emerges, the two children are naturally confused. They ask who is he, what is he doing there? David Pumpkins performs a song-number and in it, ADMITS “I wasn’t always this way, to be sure… I used to be the way that I used to be before…” He then shows a head-shot of, well, young Tom Hanks really. Continuing: But as I’m sure that you’ve heard, some occurrences occurred, and on a night so strange, everything changed, and I became David S. Pumpkins.”
So. What the fuck are they talking about? If you watch, it really doesn’t make any fucking sense unless you consider it for its literal translation that Tom Hanks wasn’t always so fucked up, but night encountered some strange shit (like Eyes Wide Shut??) and then became his Satanic pedophile alter-ego… It’s a clear fucking admission. Again, I reiterate that I think this probably happened during the making of the Da Vinci code movies, that he got forced into some bad shit. I mean, what the fuck did Tom Hanks witness and get into that would make him at whatever point in his adult life indulge so radically, as depicted in all of these exhibits, into this Satanic shit?
This particular scene ends with the two skeletons from the sketch coming back (skeleton boys, so dead), and Hanks slapping their ass again and doing the sex-dance. Prior to this, when Hanks says he’ll explain everything, that statement gets abruptly cut off just before the song-number. In other words, no, none of this will make any sense to you. This cutting-off of dialogue recurs in the episode as a way to say, Well yes this all makes — oh, no, it doesn’t. The skeletons also repeat over and over, ad nauseum, they’re part of it. Again, they are in on it.
As the episode continues, David Pumpkins returns to Kevin’s home with him and is determined to get Kevin to go trick-or-treating (grooming him). Kevin says he doesn’t have a costume. David Pumpkins and the skeletons react with hyperbolic surprise (YOU DON’T WANT TO DO IT??) and then dress him as a business-man named Carl Brenley.
Does this make sense to you? Putting a kid in a costume of a boring businessman names Carl Brenley? Who the fuck is Carl Brenley? Who is it a reference to? Well, as the episode continues, David Pumpkins and the skeletons go trick-or-treating with Kevin and his sister by sneaking in through the neighborhood homes through their second-story windows, so the bedrooms of children, traveling on a magical pink ladder.
That’s right. A magical pink ladder. Pink, being the classic symbol and color of virginity. During this part, they sing that on this (particular) night, Carl Brenley was very happy.
So Carl Brenley being a clear reference to someone, I assume it’s whoever got Hanks into this and maybe even raped him. I’m personally thinking Carl Reiner. Reiner has a horrid open secret of having raped his son Rob when he was a kid. Al Franken joked about it at Rob’s own roast, and Rob doesn’t even talk to his dad sometimes these days. Rob also is rumored to have been the one to rape Corey Haim or Feldman, and there are interviews with all the boys from Stand by Me of discussing Reiner as a fucking weirdo who tried to make himself extra-comfortable on set witih him to the point of rolling around with them on set. Tom Hanks has worked with Reiner on multiple movies, and I wouldn’t surprised that Carl Reiner and Rob were the ones to invite and indoctrinate Hanks, unless this all of course happened after Da Vince Code. Who the fuck knows.
Anyways, the episode goes on to feature the Rain Coat Man. The Rain Coat Man is an evil old neighbor who is shown cutting tree-limbs using a pair of shears when children climb on his trees. And, just like that, the true nature of how fucking psychotic and Satanic Tom Hanks is becomes immediately apparent —
All the pictures on his Instagram of children’s lost gloves or shoes implying hacked off hands and feet. Over and over again. Non-fucking-stop. And the crossing hand dance, mimicking shears cutting. The criss-crossing of the blades to cut. As if this weren’t enough, Hanks appeared in an earlier episode of SNL not long before that features him at the end using these very shears and repeatedly groping a woman:
The Rain Coat man goes on to steal all the kids’ candy, to the point where they are sobbing and it’s actually hard to watch. Kids complain their “candy” has been stolen and they will never get it back. They’ve been raped and molested, and their innocence has been lost. Pumpkins are shown throughout the episode to crash to the ground and splatter.
When Kevin tries to rally the kids that surely there is something they can do, the kids repeat several times, “Uh, no. You’re going to die.” Hanks even alludes to this at the end of the episode when asked if the children will ever see him again. He waits a moment and then shouts, NO, as in fuck no, obviously not. The kids are long gone.
So Kevin urges David Pumpkin to somehow restore the kids’ innocence (I mean candy) and David Pumpkins goes on some weird fucking flying torrent through the kids houses with a trailing pink vapor supposedly giving them their candy back. One part features a young child ravenously eating candy with it covering his face, probably alluding to the conversion of children into eventual molesters themselves. (Remember the Podesta email where Winston Carney referred to her own child son as a “vampire in training” If you don’t think these Satanist don’t raise their kids to become future Satanist, go look at Asia Argento’s IG of her showing her son and daughter in non-stop Satanist sex-poses with the pedophile symbols super-imposed on their faces:
Also in this special, David Pumpkins runs up to Kevin and pulls down his pants. To the natural confusion of his girl-crush, who is obviously creeped out by Tom Hanks’ character.
When it cuts back to adults Kevin telling this story, he starts shouting “I NEVER LIE!!! EVER!!!!!” Again, this is fucking literal. Kevin, the victim of Tom Hanks, is EXCLAIMING he never lies, as the victims of all molesters and pedophiles often have to do at the top of their lungs. Kevin IS A VICTIM.
At the end of the episode, young Kevin starts to conjecture the true meaning of Halloween. He gives a little boy’s response, about the magic, to which Tom Hanks is zoomed in on and just rolls his eyes like, yeah, sure, whatever I don’t give a fuck. Kevin then continues, he was worried at first what people would think of him (the grooming) and confesses … I mean, you seem like a nice enough guy and you don’t care what people think.
And that’s the lynchpin. The literal confession that TOM HANKS seems outwardly like a nice guy, and he really doesn’t give a flying fuck.
So there you have it. Nothing will ever convince me that after this 30 minute retarded cartoon special that clearly exists for no other reason than to be a tongue-in-cheek admission produced by fellow creep and long time friend of Hanks, Lorne Michaels, that Tom Hanks is a fucking psychotic Satanist child murderer. The Instagram was sickeing enough, let alone this.
If you want to watch Hanks and wife Rita Wilson fidget uncomfortably and try to joke the character off in an interview, all while both knowing the real reasons behind the character, you can watch the awkwardness in their faces here:
As for the idea that how could they both be in on it? Hanks does nothing but joke about how his wife accepts him unconditionally. The thing about people in these communities is that they learn to accept themselves and give in to the idea that yes, they are sick, they always will be, and there is nothing they can do about it. They have obsessions and compulsions and learn to live with it…
Nice Hollywood ending for you.
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[–]Itsamadmadmadworld 3 points 8 months ago*
Thanks for posting this. The instagram stuff is really creepy. The write up mentions that it’s almost as if they want to be caught. This leads to a couple of different conclusions.
a) Hollywood has a bunch of psycho creeps in it, and they enjoy showing the world their sick inside jokes. This is the most rational and grounded explanation. However, it does raise the question, why would millionaire celebrities risk everything just for a few lulz?
Now there’s another explanation that cranks the weirdness up to 11. This could be 100% disinfo, techno babble, but it could explain their weird behavior and what’s really going on.
b) The celebrities are being held in an advance hostage situation that goes beyond what any normal person can imagine. This guy claims the celebrities need help. They want to get out of the situation. They can’t speak out directly. They speak out through their symbols/music. It’s a cry for help. If it’s bullshit, then it’s bullshit, but if you really want know what might be going on, then you might as well try to see the big picture. It’s pretty far out.
[–]CommentsOMine 3 points 6 months ago
Thank you for all the work you put into this. I was doing some reading last night:

Tom Hanks Accused of Buying 13-Year-Old Girl from Her Father And Raped Her — Actor Isaac Kappy Recently Called Him A Pedophile


Tom Hanks Gets Outed As A Pedophile

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft‏ @SaRaAshcraft
Everyone loves Tom Hanks. I can’t stand him after what he did to me. He’s worried about @realDonaldTrump for good reason. He knows trump is going after pedophiles.

Tom Hanks & Steven Spielberg Accused Of Child Rape

Tom Hanks’ son reveals his long-time battle with drug addiction
[–]-spartacus- 2 points 8 months ago
Can you link the vampire in training bit, I looked through wikileaks and didn’t see it with various searches.

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KEVIN QUINN (30 March, 2019) CRIME

He was found guilty of three counts of rape; eight counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child and one count of indecent assault.

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He was found guilty of three counts of rape; eight counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child and one count of indecent assault. The offences related to two girls who were under the age of sixteen at the time.

The court heard how McKechnie’s offending came to light in October 2016 when a woman, then aged in her 30s, came forward to report abuse she had suffered in January 1992 when she was aged in her early teens.

She told officers that McKechnie – who was known to the girl – had sexually assaulted her at a house in Sydenham.

As officers began to investigate the incident, a further woman came forward in December 2016. The woman, aged in her 20s but in her early teens at the time of the abuse, alleged McKechnie – who was known to her family – had raped and sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions between 2003 and 2004.

McKechnie was arrested and initially tried to claim he was in prison at the time of the alleged incident in Sydenham. However, checks revealed that he had been granted leave that weekend.

Although still in denial, McKechnie was charged with multiple offences.

Detective Contable Tony Roper from the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command led the investigation. He said:  “McKechnie’s offending appears to have been both opportunistic and predatory but has had an equally devastating impact on the lives of two young women.

“However, after a number of years he has finally been made to face to consequences of his actions and will now spend a significant amount of time in prison.

“I would like to thank the two women for having the courage to report their ordeals to police and I hope McKechnie’s conviction will finally allow them to move on with their lives.”

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 Hubert Chesshyre, who had many senior roles in the royal household, abused a teenage chorister in the 1990s. Photograph: PA

Lawyers have called for an overhaul of the honours forfeiture system after it emerged that a sex abuser retained an honour bestowed for services to the Queen some three years after a court recognised him as a paedophile.

The system is too slow to acknowledge an offender’s offences, say lawyers specialising in abuse claims, and, in the case of those who have died, cannot strip them of their honours, leaving victims feeling that they have been cheated of justice.

Hubert Chesshyre, 78, an expert on heraldry and genealogy, held a number of senior positions within the royal household, rising to become secretary of the most noble order of the garter, the highest order in British chivalry. Among the many honours bestowed upon him over more than 40 years were the Queen’s Silver and Golden Jubilee Medals, and the commander of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO) – the latter for distinguished personal service to the monarch. A fellow or member of several illustrious organisations and charities, he was a heraldic consultant to the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Lord Sugar and Sir Terry Pratchett.

But it recently emerged during the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) that in 2015 Chesshyre was found to have sexually abused a teenage chorister during the 1990s, a fact that has remained buried from public record. This is because Chesshyre’s case did not result in a criminal conviction. Rather, the inquiry heard “he was found to have committed the acts in question” in a trial of the facts.

These are held when the accused is deemed unfit to plead. The court recognised that Chesshyre had suffered a stroke. It was also said that he had dementia. As a result, despite being found to have committed the abuse, he was given an absolute discharge.

The fact that Chesshyre’s name was misspelled throughout the trial, despite repeated police efforts to have it corrected, has made it difficult to identify him in legal databases.

His victim told the Observer that he believed there may have been others. “I know of other boys from the choir where their parents became concerned and stopped Mr Chesshyre from having anything more to do with them.”

Chesshyre’s case is similar to that of Lord Janner, who was also accused of sexual abuse. Suffering from dementia, Janner was due to undergo a similar trial of the facts but this was dropped after his death in 2015.

In October 2015, Chesshyre’s victim wrote to Sir Alan Reid, secretary of the Royal Victorian Order, calling for forfeiture of Chesshyre’s honour. Reid replied that this would be wrong because Chesshyre had been given an absolute discharge, and no conviction registered. Reid’s position was mirrored by that of several organisations. The Heraldry Society said that it had no plans to remove his fellowship, in an email seen by the Observer.

In another email to the victim, the Society of Antiquaries of London said it would not put the question of his removal to the fellows of the society. The Bach Choir said it was “not incumbent” on it to take any further action as Chesshyre, an associate member, had no involvement with it any more. The Corporation of London emailed the victim to tell him it did not have the power to remove Chesshyre’s status as a Freeman of the City of London. The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies continues to list Hubert Chesshyre CVO as a vice-president.

It was only after the victim contacted his MP, who took it up with the prime minister, that the honour was eventually forefeited. But the victim only learned of this action in October 2018, five months after it happened and three years after Chesshyre’s trial. He was dismayed to learn via a Cabinet Office email that the forefeiture would not be published in the London Gazette, a standard procedure.

The case has led to calls for the honours forfeiture system to be reformed, an issue recently discussed at the IICSA. “A significant overhaul is necessary to ensure that any person who has been found to have committed acts of abuse on children has any and all honorific titles automatically removed, whether or not they are still alive,” said Andrew Lord, abuse solicitor at the law firm Leigh Day. “Survivors of abuse deserve to be safe in the knowledge that when crimes committed against them are proven, any benefits or prestige conveyed to the holder of an honorary title are swiftly removed in a clear and transparent process.”

As of Saturday night, Chesshyre’s Wikipedia page made no mention of his trial. When approached by the Observer, the various societies of which he is a member confirmed that they would not be dissociating themselves from him. The victim said: “As far as most people are concerned, he’s still Hubert Chesshyre CVO.”


top tweet

Satanic hoaxer tinribs aka spiny aka uk callum uk sound affects aka rg hates esther baker why is that??????

I seem to recall there are people here who are quite knowledgeable about Esther Baker and her shenanigans, so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this:

One thing I do know about her is she has links with Sonia Poulton, who in turn has links with Belinda McKenzie.

And then there’s this:




james reeves‏ @reeves3915