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Playland author NOT called

Tony Daly, author of ‘Playland’, which revealed how various VIPs exploited boys and young men from the ‘meat rack’ at Picaddilly in London, is NOT being called to give evidence to . Review of Playland: 4/10


Thank you but sadly it’s already been reported by numerous people to no avail. The video itself isn’t the issue – it’s the association with Karen via the title and description that’s the problem, so I reported those too, also to no avail. So fuck you, YouTube




PICTURED: Daycare owner who bailed out R Kelly with $100k that she got in wrongful death lawsuit following her daughter’s passing – just five months after she met the singer on a local cruise

  • Valencia Love, 47, met R Kelly in September when she and the singer were on a boat cruise around Lake Michigan a family member told
  •  In 2017, Love received a seven-figure settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the hospital where her daughter died
  • The family member said that Love likely used this money to post Kelly’s $100,000 bail
  •  Love on the Blu, the restaurant that Love owns, was also purchased with the money she made in the suit
  • She has owned the daycare she is associated with along with another woman since 2005
  • Love also purchased a $350,000 home in September  

This is the woman who bailed R Kelly out of prison on Monday, posting $100,000 just months after she met the singer.

Valencia Love, 47, meet Kelly in September according to a family member, who said that the two were both guests on a local cruise around Lake Michigan.

Love had long been a fan of the singer, but after that meeting became ‘obsessed’ with Kelly said the family member, who asked not to be named.

That family member said it was a shock to learn however that Love had posted Kelly’s bail, though she did reveal that the money was likely not much of a problem.

This is because love received a seven-figure settlement after filing a wrongful death lawsuit against then hospital that was treating her young daughter when she passed away in 2010.

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The Kelly-phile: Valencia Love, 47, met R Kelly in September when she and the singer were on a boat cruise around Lake Michigan a family member told (Love on left with Kelly)

The Kelly-phile: Valencia Love, 47, met R Kelly in September when she and the singer were on a boat cruise around Lake Michigan a family member told (Love on left with Kelly)

Smoke show: Kelly swapped out his blue down jacket fro a suede and fur designer piece once he was back in public 

Smoke show: Kelly swapped out his blue down jacket fro a suede and fur designer piece once he was back in public

Love on the Blu, the restaurant that Love owns, was also purchased with the money she made in the suit.

She bought the restaurant around the same time that she met Kelly  according to records. revealed on Tuesday that Love also owns the Lord and Child Christian Daycare Center, but has been an executive there with one other women for well over a decade.

Records obtained by show that Love also paid $350,000 for a property in a Romeoville tract housing development back in September.

Two years prior to receiving that settlement, Love had filed for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

She has also taken out multiple orders of protection over the years.

Kelly appeared in a Chicago courtroom on Monday where his lawyer formally entered a not guilty plea on his behalf to 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

The singer, who wore an orange prison jumpsuit in court, identified himself to the judge at the start of the hearing, but did not speak again during the proceedings.

Once the hearing was over, Kelly returned to D. O. C. Division 8 RTU, with the singer still unable to cover his $1 million bond.

Hours later he was free, thanks to Love.

Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, responded to the charges with a statement over the weekend, saying: ‘We haven’t seen any evidence, any reason to believe these allegations are credible. He’s a rock star. He doesn’t need to have nonconsensual sex.’

Aggravated criminal sexual abuse is a Class 2 felony with a sentencing range of 3-7 years in prison. He faces up to 70 years behind bars if convicted.

These new charges come one week after the emergence of a rape tape that allegedly features Kelly and a minor.

And on Monday, lawyer Michael Avenatti stated that he is working to obtain new tapes that allegedly show Kelly with underage females.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx spoke about the charges at a brief press conference on Friday.

She went through the charges related to each of the four victims, using only initials to identify the women.

Once the hearing was over, Kelly returned to D. O. C. Division 8 RTU, with the singer still unable to cover his $1 million bond. Valencia Love then posted his bail

She then posted his bail

Once the hearing was over, Kelly (left) returned to D. O. C. Division 8 RTU, with the singer still unable to cover his $1 million bond.  Love (right) then posted his bail

Pick up: Moments after being released from jail, the vehicle pulled over and stopped. A woman is then seen stepping inside the van

Pick up: Moments after being released from jail, the vehicle pulled over and stopped. A woman is then seen stepping inside the van

Get out of jail The bail form that was signed by Love, who has given conflicting statements as to who put up the $100,000 cash

Get out of jail The bail form that was signed by Love, who has given conflicting statements as to who put up the $100,000 cash

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First was H.W., who was under the age of 17 between the dates of May 26, 1998 and May 25, 1999.

Kelly is charged with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for the alleged offenses involving that victim.

Those include an instance of ‘contact between Robert Kelly’s penis and H.W’s sex organ,’ an instance where the contact was with ‘H.W’s mouth’ and when ‘Robert Kelly touched his penis to H.W’s breast.’

The fourth count stems from the claim that ‘Robert Kelly touched his mouth to H.W’s breast.

R.L. was involved in an incident which occurred between September 26, 1998 and September 25, 2001 when she was a minor.

That alleged incident resulted in two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse – one for ‘contact between Robert Kelly’s penis and R.L’s sex organ’ one for contact with her ‘mouth.’

The third victim L.C. was of the age of consent on February 18, 2003.

‘A grand jury returned an indictment of one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse based on the transmission of semen by Robert Kelly upon any part of the body of the victim for the purpose of sexual gratification during the course of the underlying forcible felony of Attempt Criminal Sexual Assault,’ said Foxx.

The fourth and final victim was identified as J.P., and the incidents she was involved in led to the final three sexual abuse charges against Kelly.

Those incidents took place between May 1, 2009 and January 31, 2010, and the victim was under the age of 17.

In that case there was ‘contact between Robert Kelly’s penis and J.P’s sex organ,’ ‘mouth’ and ‘the transmission of semen by Robert Kelly.’

Foxx had made a very public plea for accusers to come forward last month, and there could be more charges to come.

Kelly’s indictment came one day after the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office announced that Jussie Smollett had been indicted by a grand jury on a single charge of disorderly conduct for falsifying a police report.

The speed with which Smollett was indicted had led some to question why the State’s Attorney’s Office seemed to be taking their time with Kelly but rushing through the Smollett case.

Illinois is just one of the states where there is an open investigation into Kelly.

Lawyers for the Southern District of New York have also been meeting with alleged victims as well as agents from the IRS and FBI while the Department of Homeland Security has also opened up a probe.

This all comes in the wake of the Lifetime series Surviving R Kelly.

The six-part docuseries ended on a devastating note, with the parents of one of the young women who had run away with Kelly seen throwing rocks at his studio windows trying to get the attention of their daughter.

When they called Chicago police however, the members of law enforcement were not able to legally enter the property.

Kelly had yet to be hit with any criminal charges in the wake of the docuseries until Friday.

Friday, 18 December 2015



The Scottish National Party voted in favour of bombing Libya.

Now the Island of Bute in Scotland has received Syrian refugees.

Scottish National Party government minister Humza Yousaf said their arrival was a ‘proud day.


On Bute, the Syrians have been given free homes with new kitchens, carpets and washing machines.

“A specially appointed imam is to be ferried from Glasgow each week to lead Friday prayers.
“A local supermarket has promised to sell halal meat from animals slaughtered according to rules set out in the Koran…”

Alex Salmond of the Scottish national party. Alex Salmond’s grandfather, William Milne, shot himself dead. scotsman.  Milne was a Conservative, a fan of the boy scouts and a Freemason. Salmond: Against The Odds.

On the island of Bute:
“One shopkeeper in his 50s said a woman living next to a refugee family was recently asked (by one of the new migrant liaison officers now working on the island) not to display too many Christmas decorations in case they offended her neighbours’ Muslim beliefs…

Rupert Murdoch is supporting Salmond.

On the island of Bute:

“I was told another story about a mother who claimed that while walking her children home from school the day after the migrants arrived (by ferry and greeted by a police escort at the harbour), she was rudely abused by a Syrian teenager as he passed in a car.

“A Rothesay shopkeeper explained: ‘The teenager made a gesture at her with his hand and mouth, a sign for oral sex.

“‘When she returned him a disapproving look, he did it again. She rang the migrant liaision officers to complain, but was told there was no one she could speak to about the matter’…

“A local woman in her 20s was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and claims a Syrian woman stopped her in Rothesay town centre and ‘shouted’ at her to cover up her shoulders.

Why are refugees being sent to a Scottish island with high poverty?

The Scottish National Party now supports NATO.
If the Scots want to be run by the CIA and Mossad, they should vote for the Scottish National Party.


  1. Europeans are being divided in order to be ruled. The awakened souls amongst us can see this very clearly. I would also suggest the Muslim element being imported recently has been trained to cause mayhem, and is being paid to do so by our egregious masters, in the same way that ISIS is a fifth column mercenary force on the elite’s payroll. Behaviour, as outlined by those incidents in Bute, is not the way peace loving Muslim Syrians carry on.


  2. I can’t seem to disagree with the above poster’s comments regarding being trained to misbehave.

    I lived in Birmingham UK for a few years and I couldn’t count the number if times a Muslim woman would change her path on the pavement to try and get me to move aside.

    Of course, being the tolerant soul that I am, and having knowledge of other cultures, I carried on my path unchecked safe in the knowledge that she would not risk coming into contact with an unrelated male. They would leave it late and then jump out the way.

    There is no excuse for discourtesy or rudeness in any culture.


  3. In the interest of balance and Christmas spirit, if that’s not a hopeless anachronism in these uber-cyncial times:
    “Having worked in refugee camps and war zones in some of the worst parts of the world with friends currently working in Syria and knowing what these people have gone through, all I can say is that I am very happy and proud to come from the Isle of Bute”.
    A Brandane (a native of the Isle of Bute).


  4. Rothesay?!! W O W
    Hellavalot happens in Rothsay.
    BigEars is the Duke of Rothesay!
    Rothsay is always cropping up!

    Off 2 blog mysel silly!






Paedo Pleads Guilty At Rothesay Sheriff Court.  Nov 4th

Craig Borland
17:15 Mon 04 Nov 2013

A Rothesay man who tried to assault police officers who traced an anonymous 999 call to his flat in the town admitted 2 charges at the town’s sheriff court on Monday.

45 year-old Thomas Pollock pleaded guilty to attempting to headbutt 1 of 2 officers who called at his flat at 2/2, 6 Hillhouse Road, on June 18th this year.

The police officers were tasked to investigate a ‘dropped’ 999 call, which had been traced to Pollock’s home and had claimed there was a paedophile ring active in Rothesay.

Fiscal depute Lindy Scaife told the court Pollock had become increasingly aggressive while the officers were at his flat, and that they had found it hard to understand what he was saying.

While they were speaking to Pollock he lunged at and punched a wall and head-butted the flat’s front door, before trying to headbutt 1 of the officers as they took him out of the close door.

Sheriff Ruth Anderson decided to defer sentence for a background report before hearing a plea in mitigation from Pollock’s solicitor, Robert Dundas.

28 yr old David Whitelaw  address given as 51 Castle Street, Port Bannatyne, pleaded guilty in court on Monday to a charge of assaulting a man in Rothesay by pushing him on the body and punching him on the head.

Lindy Scaife, prosecuting, told the court Whitelaw had seen the man “engaged in horseplay” with Whitelaw’s partner immediately before the incident, which occurred in West Princes Street in the early hours of Sept 22nd

Whitelaw, who appeared without legal representation, told the court: “I sincerely apologise. My actions weren’t appropriate and I’m really disappointed with myself.”

Whitelaw was fined £150 and ordered to pay his victim, who suffered damage to his teeth which required numerous visits to a dentist, compensation of £250.

Steven Webster (29), address given as 36 Craigmore Road, was admonished and dismissed on Monday after pleading guilty by letter to possession of a small quantity of cannabis resin.

The drug, weighing 0.5 grams and worth around £5, was found during a search of Webster’s car after he was stopped by police on a separate matter at Wester Kames near Port Bannatyne on July 3Found here

W O W   Do u know how many numbers there are in this article? 47  

F O R T Y  S E V E N ?

I’ve had a very rough guesstimation, there are about 300 words(ish)  Plus 47 numbers = 350 (ish)  How is it possible that approximately 1/7th of this article is numbers? Remembering to take in to account  IT’S NOT AN ARTICLE ABOUT NUMBERS!

LMAO!! for a wee second there, I thought there might be some o that weird number crap going on!









THE GODFATHER aka Arthur Thompson


Now aged 21, Ferris immediately returned to his work as an enforcer for Thompson, and was soon arrested again and charged with possession of offensive weapons after a pickaxe handle and knives were found in his car.[11] While awaiting trial he was involved in a stabbing, and fled to Thompson’s holiday home in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute.[12] Within a day of arriving there, he was arrested by armed police and charged with various offences including attempted murder and possession of heroin with intent to supply, and was remanded to HM Prison Barlinnie.[13] The attempted murder charge was dropped a week later and Ferris was found not guilty of the drugs charge, but he received an 18-month sentence for possession of offensive weapons.[14] After being released from prison Ferris stopped working for Thompson and started a company named Cottage Conservatories specialising in double glazing and conservatories,[15] but still remained active in the criminal underworld.[16]

The following are extracts taken frm HERE  Feb 16th 2016

  • The Isle of Bute, on the Cowal peninsular, is due to welcome 15 Syrian families.
  • Twelve Syrian families arrived in Rothesay in early December
  • Many of the refugee families had children and babies.
  • Bute has been nicknamed the ‘Madeira of Scotland’ and the late Lord Dick Attenborough and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovic have had homes there.

The seafront at Ascog near Rothesay, on the east coast of the isolated and tiny Isle of Bute, nicknamed the ‘Madeira of Scotland’     The island has a population of just 6,498 which swells in the Summer months due to tourism.

The MADEIRA of Scotland?     W T F ?


Cause I doubt very much it’s locals!!

(for those who dont know precisely where Madeira is, heres a map and a pic o the landing strip)

The National Flag of Madeira  (Nazi style cross & 3 of the fave Masonic Colours. Blue, Red & orange/yellow)

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago located in the north Atlantic Ocean. West and slightly south of Portugal

Population approx 267,785 (2011)

The capital of Madeira is Funchal on the main island’s south coast. Madeira is Portugese for   *WOOD*   & Its the island wi that bizarre airstrip, said to be one of the toughest in world to land on.

Wiki..  On 19th of Nov 1977 Boeing 727 over-ran Madeira Airport‘s runway, crashed onto the beach and exploded.

  • Plane ~ 727
  • Date ~ 19/11/77  =  Oh look! 9/11
  • Onboard ~ 164-131 dead = 33 survivors

(Nope, none o their weird number shite here!)


Ouch fat karen turns on Ricky

El Coyote / 5 hours ago

Sometimes it’s easy to make the error of believing that certain Hampstead SRA pushers are merely smarmy dunderheaded buffoons, rather than malicious actors whose behaviour has the potential to damage real lives.

rd t

cover upat Deepcut

Brigadier denies being apologist for Deepcut barracks regime of ‘violence, threats and intimidation’ at inquest into gunshot death of 17-year-old soldier

Brigadier Christopher Coles, right, told the inquest of Private Geoff Gray that he was not ‘pushing for any particular verdict’ concerning Pte Gray’s death at Deepcut barracks in Surrey.