the Needle defends LAVERTY

The case of Liam Allan is shining a light into one of the abysses of chaos where devious police are consistently being seen to further abuse those whom they know to be falsely accused. Police who undermine British justice by manipulating agencies and the CPS to suit their own warped, desired outcomes, are quite simply destroying our democracy, the lives of innocents, and those who support or would wish to defend them in court.

Police officers such as this have no place in policing or in general society, and should pay for perverting justice with their own liberty. The sentence Liam Allan may have been forced to serve, does not bear thinking about. How long would he have been incarcerated before an appeal? For this, heads should roll all the way to the Tower of London. Only those who have been incarcerated, or who have waited with them on appeal, would understand the despair of innocents imprisoned on the say so of liars and fraudsters.

Darren Laverty’s case was flung from court when disclosures began to demonstrate the wickedness of police officers who had not only failed to do the job they are paid to do and swore on oath to do, but also damningly showed police to be in pursuit of some warped desire to incarcerate innocent people whom they knew to be innocent. Lawyers are considering some police officers on Laverty’s case may have been ‘star-struck’, and foolishly led into believing Darren Laverty’s case would be used throughout MSM, thereby being somewhat of a highlight in their police careers. However, this could surely not explain why nigh on 200 police officers who have been brought into this case by Sonia Poulton and her satellite gangs of willing henchmen, have quite deliberately allowed dozens of false allegations to be made against the true victims of crimes in this shocking case. Disclosure in Laverty’s case has clearly demonstrated police failed at every stage of the process to act in accordance with the oath they once swore. It is most evident from the wording and tones of police from all over Britain, that they were not anticipating their ‘private’ conversations, telephone calls, and emails, being read by Darren Laverty…

Due to disclosure, it was noted London Met police officers had not only deliberately withheld evidence in Darren Laverty’s case from the CPS, but were also in regularly contact with other police divisions whom they knew to have threatened, harassed and otherwise abused the defence witnesses for Darren Laverty. The London Met were fully aware defence witnesses were threatened by police in person; by telephone; by email, and in other correspondence. Police categorically declared in writing they had no intention of accepting any witness evidence, and repeatedly refused to take statements in regard to Darren Laverty and others. Lawyers now hold much evidence of police, CPS and other agencies utilised by several police officers, to further enforce threats made to those prepared to be witnesses for the defence.

Quite why Darren Laverty and those who support him have been subjected to such vende

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