1. Concur. This would free up more police time to trot around harassing people and raiding their houses at dawn on behalf of journalists who want to break stories about rapes and abuse by household names which never happened

    Barrister Sarah Phillimore twitter rants continue to accuse and convict people of the most heinous crimes, pausing only to diagnose their mental health when they challenge her. Overriding the decisions of judges and senior police officers on public fora is considered brave and fearless by the obsessive criminal misfits who goad her into making ever more outlandish accusations. Whoever insures [edited] Phillimore for carrying out these activities in public areas must have some balls. *Waves and smiles to Sarah Phillimore’s insurers.*

  1. Brilliant, Matthew. Those talking out of their hats should refer to your article often in the coming months, before making rash judgements and committing their own words to print.

    Before germalists such as Watts, Poulton and co went scouting for fantasists, consummate liars and mentally ill individuals to use as weapons in achieving political objectives, complaints of rape and child abuse from decades ago were rare. Not all complainants given a new confidence through social media made their statements on twitter. Most complainants went to the police, and did not ask the population of twitter to assist them in finding others to corroborate their stories.

    The names of their abusers were not endlessly tweeted and retweeted amongst disparate individuals who are vulnerable, gullible and easily led by those with too much time on their hands, over active imaginations, and socio-political ambitions, who dangle carrots for the most attention-seeking. Genuine cases are thankfully proceeding normally, without the fuss of social media and MSN and without the ‘support’ of the most vocal on twitter and an accompanying barrister playing on a harp with broken strings.

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