Doxing time

And for anyone who missed it, Devine has announced that Flo Destroyer is… Malcolm Ogilvy!

And that Cat Scot is… Flo Destroyer’s cousin 🤣

And how has Ogilvy responded? By, er, attacking his former guru Andy Devine’s wife!


Haha she put it up sick like you doxing cunts.. remember he who lives by the dox


  • Oh and I see he’s responded to me mentioning it… by making another death threatening to kill me 🤣

    Lol sad spiny cunt


    Anyway, that’s enough space wasted talking about this knuckle-scraping ape. There’s too much going on in the human world to bother with him.



    And yet we exposed karen irvine…might be time tae do a bit of doxing…just quite like

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