Sunday, December 23, 2012


i busted this out last year even got them on skype recorded them but it gets better

Today is the official announcement that the information about an organization called AXJ is exposed as a valid pedophile ring and has been operating for quite some time now. AXJ cell John Aster has been confronted about several libel and false claims about several hundred innocent via the Internet, making it so that when a persons name is Google you get claims about that individual being a pedophile, yet when we have investigated these names listed by John Aster and his following AXJ members, the names are not that of any sec offender in any way.
John Aster is from Australia, his wife left him due to Aster getting found with possessing well over 15,000 images of child porn. Having only one daughter named Fiona and claims he is in current pursuit of justice against his ex for the daughter. John Aster was arrested and while in custody in Queensland police station in Australia, John Aster came up with an idea that would hopefully make it so that his name would not be exposed as a pedophile. John Aster cell of Actions 4 Justice told the officers he wanted to make a deal, the officers called in crown and what John Aster told them blew their minds completely.
John Aster spoke of a world wide pedophile ring and said he was a major part of their network, John Aster wanted a deal that if he gave up the ring that his current charges of child porn possession be dropped. After Australia contacted the American CIA and FBI, they teamed and confirmed that John Aster was in fact t telling the truth and they agreed to the deal. A few months pass as John Aster is released and the investigation took flight on the pedophile world wide network. John Aster has not been known for keeping tight Lipps, and on his account’s on social networks such as Facebook and YouTube John Aster is seen fighting for his daughter, or so we seem to think. After John Aster was asked several times on the media networks why his wife left and also removed the child he claimed it was due to child porn on his computer, yet he also stated that he didn’t know how it got their ending in police raid and seizure of several hardrives and computers.
Already at this point John Aster recruited about 30 other child abusing parents or Pedophiles to aid him in his cover up of his own created pedophile network again called AXJ. The following names are on social networks, and are at this time being investigated for thousands of copyright/trademark frauds, online stalking,harassment, child exploitation, exploitation of minors, child endangerment, uttering threats to cause death, uttering threats of rape attempted kidnapping. The names of the following Actions 4 Justice are listed here to warn you and please avoid at all costs.
John Aster AXJ cell and child porn downloader
Michelle Stewart producing false and libel claim about families and several organizations
Chris Wardill charged with molesting own daughter, possessing 2 pills of extacey in pants pocket while around ankles in NZ.
Phillip Turnbull Sexual deviant, needing young underage girls for social gratification. Taking children’s pictures from other people’s Facebook profiles, using state of the art software to remove clothes from the pictures of children and then sells online to close friends and other AXJ members.
Karen Sordiff uses heroin and has been importing and exporting between
Michelle Stewart, Michelle Stewart is also using ebay as a front of operations, whilst also using the ebay service as a way of selling heroin and cocaine with Karen Sordiff. Michelle, also has her own small organization that is also a fraudulent act in itself. Michelle is claiming the fault of her own son Nathan driving a knife through his own heart on a pedophile she at the time was deeply involved with emotionally. Knowing what her sexual lover was doing to her own son and 2 daughter, she turned and kept a blind eye about the severe harm the children were getting from Michelle Stewarts lover. Michelle Stewarts story is false and she is only using this a way to gain up the anti on payment from the Australian government for her son Nathans death. Michelle at one point left her daughter at a trusted organization that is well known for it great work with raising awareness with child abuse, to later Michelle accusing the National president of gang raping her daughter, and also getting her own daughter to lie for her. The reason Michelle Stewart wanted to dump her daughter off their was so that childprotection would not take her away as she has severe mental health issues and is known to be very neglectful around her children and lacking the children in social support.

Melain Mead is a transvestite female, used as a mule for John Aster to make as if she is a girlfriend of John Asters, when the real fact is that she is into having sec with young teenage boys and girls. She is merely paid by Aster to help fake as if she is with Aster. Melain Mead is also strongly into satanic rituals and the sacrifice of babies and teenage boys. All part of the AXJ cult.
Chris Jarvis charged with having sex with his own daughter also, documents on his court proceeding are provided on the web for public viewing.
Aduardo Valago has also had sex with his own children in Spain, moved to the USA to avoid being extradited back to face the charges, instead the children to this day remain still with no real closure as to what their father has done to them.

What that has been written in this news article is simply a small brief so that it helps you to do your own research into what is still going on Facebook and other social media sites. Organizations such as BUACA and STOLEN, owners Pete Geary and John Anderson are also victims to the large amount of libel false claims made by AXJ cult members as wellas their children and families. Police in Canada and USA are on full force, watching as John Anderson continues to bring more evidence for Facebook CIA on his created Facebook Pages made just for the CIA assistance.
Still you can Google John Hans Anderson and Pete Geary and see the harm done to both great fathers by this pedophile cult called AXJ and Justice 4 Nathan.


  1. Some people have a lot of imagination and too much time on their hands.


  2. axj is nothing but low life child rapest and all should be put in jail if you knew who you are fucking with you would of never said a word

  3. Aster plead guilty FFS! This won’t ever go away…

  4. Well the parts about AXJ are true, the parts about Michelle Stewart and Justice for nathan are added to the document. BUACA & S.T.O.L.E.N both respect MS and Justice for nathan, please remove this document or we will keep reporting it. and AXJ, your an exposed fraud, with you pal john aster recorded admitting to convictions of child porn, axj is a sick bunch of no brains.


  5. charlene what the fuck you saying slanderous lying bitch


  6. charlene you have lost the plot


  7. charlene imaginations must be very good jesus


  8. These are quite heavy accusations and you do not back it up with any official police report which makes all of your long writings absolutely useless.
    Please obtain a valid police document and get it verified, post it here and then people can believe your claims. Until then, I suggest people do not believe what is written here.


  9. Well we took the time to contact and RECORD calls with Australian police, and it is confirmed, aster is denying having been found with child porn, well the police say he did and went to court. and was convicted. the recording is on our youtube channel as well as our spreaker account.


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  12. please remove the slanderous comments about me from this page…i dont support axj


  13. AXJ will be filing a complaint against the author of this website for defamation unless it is deleted in 48 hours.


  14. Spot on with most of the stuff here except for Michelle Stewart. She has helped to expose this predator.


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