cathy fox Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open…

Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open….

Hollywood is near the heart of the beast as far as child abuse is concerned. Hollywood is also a huge propaganda factory for the powers that be – an information laundry for the criminal cabal and its many crimes from human trafficking, drug trafficking to pedophilia.

Several brave people are coming forward to expose what has been going on in Hollywood.

[last updated 31 July]

1. Mike Cernovich has recently exposed James Gunn’s history of hundreds of old pedophilic tweets.Mike Cernovich James Gunn Endorses Pedophilia in 10,000 Deleted Tweets  [79]

For more on James Gunn see Vigilant Citizen Disney Director James Gunn Fired After Tweets About Abusing Children Uncovered [76]

Gunn has now been fired by Disney. This is probably to reduce Disney’s own exposure to stories of child abuse. They are one of the key players. #PedoDisney [18]

There is a concerted effort to bring Gunn back, so i have included more tweets and links

Check out all his available tweets and see if this statement fits

James Gunn wasn’t making jokes about pedophilia or mocking pedophiles. He was GLOATING about being one. BIG Difference. @AndyWarth

Also see #JamesGunn ” jokes” about anal raping his daughter! [80]

Now Cernovich posts tweets of Michael Ian Black

Click to enlarge.

2. Liz Crokin is claiming Jay-Z murdered Cathy White

Jaz-Z makes no secret of his allegiances to the dark side, wearing a hoodie with “Do What Th0u Wilt”  Aleister Crowleys motto [22]

3. Sarah Ashcraft has been exposing Hivites for some time, and the ritual satanic abuse that she suffered 2018 Jan 2 Cathy fox Blog Hivites  [12]

She has recently named Tom Hanks as one of her abusers “@TomHanks purchased me for sex as a dissociated mind control doll. ”

Sarah also says that the pedophilia and child abuse is only a small part of the death cults activities. She says they mind controlled her – a massive theme through many whistleblowers. See Cathy Fox Blog Mind control [19]

Sarah says they took her cerebrospinal fluid and that they take adrenaline laden blood, that they are cannibals. Others say they eat children #Pedovores

Sarah Ashcraft thread of threads [25]

See also 2018 Jul 24 Pedophiles Down Under TOM HANKS IS A PEDOPHILE – VICTIM SPEAKS! [23]

A friend of Sarahs has also come forward, whose father was B movie actor Robert Dunham

No automatic alt text available.

4. Fiona Barnett herself, whose blog is Pedophiles Down Under, has just accused Meryl Streep of being a paedophile and says she was prostituted to Meryl Streep at the age of 14. This is in the article TOM HANKS IS A PEDOPHILE – VICTIM SPEAKS! [23] as well as a facebook post show below.

Fiona Barnett’s Meryl Streep facebook post [27]

For more on Fiona Barnett check out my post on her [28] and her facebook page [26]

Remember in all this that various people, due to trauma based mind control may well be in different alters when they were abusing. Why is Meryl such a good actor? Why are actors so good at  playing different characters? Cathy Fox Blog Posts on Mind control [19]

5. Randal Turner has been naming names for a while. He also claims he was purchased as a sex slave for Cheryl Curran / Dolan and Bill Day. He says the actor, Jon Voight, was the one who paid for the costs and also used him as a protector for Angelina Jolie.

“They had her on the end of the bed facing me. As they tortured me they were sexually stimulating Angie as she was looking at me being tortured. After that they switched and began to torture Angie as they were trying to sexually stimulate me.”

“The combination of the drug with the torture and arousal is how they get the victims to disassociate to create the MK Ultra slave.”

“Bill Day worked for the CIA filming high level politicians and celebrities with under age kids. They had these sex parties using me and other under age teens and kids in these videos. They filmed some of them at the house in Lake Forest Park”

“The mind control was done to kids and teens by the studio and  by their parents in money exchange agreements. You want your kid to be a star, the studio want to make sure he doesn’t end up costing us money. Females who you spend money on making them stars you don’t want them getting pregnant unless it helps their image and if they have a contract to make 3 motion pictures you want to make sure they don’t get pregnant etc.”

“This is how the Cabal/CIA and Hollywood are married to each other, most of these celebs have been compromised by sex videos or in some cases murder videos.”

“Those who were MK Ultra victims like myself have no choice over what they make them do because we have alternates they can call out when they drug us up forcing them to do just about anything from telling us to jump out of a plane with no parachute which was done to me as well as turning them into a suicide bomber.”

Randal Turner’s facebook details more [17]  and he has information about other topics as well on his video channel Randal Turner [16]

6. Fellowship of the Minds blog reveals three more Hollywood pedophiles in the article More Hollywood pedophiles unmasked; Sarah Silverman threatens netizens [14]

  • “Law and Order” director Jace Alexander
  • Writer/producer Dan Harmon
  • Actor/comedian Patton Oswalt

Alexander plead guilty in January to promoting a sexual performance by a child and possessing an obscene performance by a child. Digital files showing children under 16 engaging in sex acts were found on computers at Alexander’s Dobbs Ferry, New York, home.

Harmon in a five-minute video, that’s supposed to be a joke, plays a child molester named Daryl who climbs through a window, pulls down his pants and underwear, and rubs his genitals on a plastic baby doll lying on a couch. Harmon says on camera: “I rape babies.”

Also more on Harmon 2018 Jul 26 Cassandra Fairbanks Blog Posts and Videos From Rick and Morty Creator Surface in Which He Repeatedly Uses N-Word, Jokes About Sex With Children [71]


“My dong is super-friendly and loves getting rubbed by children.”

“I am a PROUD pedophile!”

“Let NAMBLA [North American Man/Boy Love Association] members fuck anyone they want. Am I so crazy wanting my kid to grow up in a safer world?”

“There’s a 35% chance I’d blow a Girl Scout for a sleeve of Thin Mints.”

The blog also has more information on them – check it out here – Fellowship of the Minds More Hollywood pedophiles unmasked; Sarah Silverman threatens netizens [14]

7. Perhaps the biggest new  information source is someone who calls himself Renegade who is posting on 4 chan. It appears to be a old ex-Hollywood insider.

Neon Revolts summary and analysis  of what the Renegade is doing is perhaps best starting place to check out what he says.

2018 Jul 22 Neon Revolt #HollywoodRenegades – How Hollywood Insiders Are Taking Down #TheCabal from the Inside-Out. #Hollyweird #GreatAwakening  [1]

Renegade uses language that many will find offensive and no doubt has opinions offensive to many, but if you want the truth you have to take it warts and all. Free speech areas are just that and you have to learn to deal with sayings and opinions that offend. He obviously comes from an angle that says Hollywood is very much controlled by Jews.

He thinks some UK pedophiles relocated to the US and says it is all one big network.

He gives information on how child trafficking occurred – via ports, especially Benicia and then distributed.

Renegade names Casa de Hogar Laredo as a child trafficking hub. He names as traffickers the Betancourts from Tamaulipas and Valencias from Nuevo Leon. Tervino-Morales is mentioned.

He names notorious drug smuggler and one of worlds richest men Carlos Slim as involved saying Genaro Garcia Luna was killed by Arturo Beltran Leyva on the orders of Carlos Slim.

Genaro was going to give information on the Guerrero / Michoacan to Monterrey to Laredo child trafficking corridor for pedophiles.

Renegade gives some idea how to identify other potential pedophiles and their helpers and enablers.

He gives some idea what blackmailed actors do – pedophilia, necrophilia and sacrifice or are sacrificed.He drops many names of which I will only pick out a few – see the Neon Revolts article for more  [1]

He names Globus and Golan

He suggests big names to dig for – Please note the Tim Burke name was wrong it should be Mortimer “Tim” Buckley and also Yoram Globus and Sumner Redstone.

Yoram Globus is part of the CIA and Mossad control of Hollywood – the deep state out of control.

He also says that  snctm is used as a front for child abuse and human smuggling.

Renegade gives some categories of people involved in snctm

Snctm is an exclusive sex club Snctm instagram [20]  Snctm webpage archive  [21]

Renegade perhaps optimistically says he will be at the grammys wearing green socks..

He also sends a message to Slate, Greenberg, Koch, Soda Pop, Tellem Grody and Cellebrite.

There is much more more in the Neon Revolt article – read it here  [1]

8. Nxivm are being dismantled and Clare Bronfman is charged although manages to get $100m bail while being forced to wear some plastic and electronic ankle jewellery. MailBillionaire Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman pleads not guilty to Nxivm sex cult charges and is forced to wear ankle monitor after posting $100MILLION bail [13]

Best site for Nxivm news – Frank Report [29]

9. Soteria, as part of the #SayBraveThings tag , I think started by @SaRahAscraft has tweeted a picture of what @Steveo had tattoed on his arm.

The tattoo is of – a crying baby impaled on the penis of a man who looked liked him. He later covered it up with bestiality tattoo. Sick. Thank you Soteria

@Steveo is Steven Gilchrist Glover originally from the UK and his stage name is Steve-O. Apparently he is on Jackass.

                                      He gives a sign to show where his allegiance lies.

10. It is worth checking out  God of Rage EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood Insider Breaks Silence about Systematic Child Abuse [62]

They are following an insider called Isaac Kappy @IsaacKappy  on Twitter who is saying that there is a child trafficking ring in his circle. He names Seth Green, his wife Clare Grant, James Gunn, Dan Ferguson, Matt Cohen, David Yarovesky.

Anyway for more on this check out God of Rage EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood Insider Breaks Silence about Systematic Child Abuse [62]

                                                           Clare Grant and Seth Green

Isaac Kappy is a writer, producer, actor and has taken the brave decision to come forward in public. He was offered membership of the illuminati as a bid to shut him up.

Hollywood Insider EXPOSES Seth Green and Other MAJOR Hollywood Elites by Name in This Video [64a] 

or click link for hooktube

This article is also about Isaac’s disclosures 2018 Jul 26 Washington Pundit Actor/Director Isaac Kappy Exposes Major Hollywood Elites Involved in Pizzagate by Names [63]

Please offer him and others support for taking courageous decisions and helping to expose this terrible fixation that Hollywood has with child abuse. Follow the whistleblowers blogs, twitter, instagram, periscope etc and thanks them. See also more at the end of this artile

11. Although this is news from 2017 I had not heard of it. Yet more abuse of children – Elsagate

Vigilant Citizen Something is Terribly Wrong With Many “Kids” Videos on YouTube[66] explains that these are videos that pretend to be children’s videos but “a great deal of these videos contains weird, disturbing, violent and even traumatizing content. They are insidiously mixed with other children’s videos, causing them to appear as “recommended videos” by YouTube and, therefore, easily accessible to children”

It seems endemic in the entertainment industry to deliberately traumatise children.

Here a couple of stills of the many that Vigilant citizen uses to illustrate the disturbing content

For many more links about it 2017 Reddit What is Elsagate [65]

Who is behind Elsagate?

Isaac Kappy has now exposed Steven Spielberg as a pedophile and talks about the blackmail system, Mark Thompson, Elsagate, Dan Schneider, Stephen Colbert, John Podesta, Obama.  He also talks briefly about Jimmy Kimmel being compromised and Frank Giustra in this periscope also -Kevin Spacey, Cathy Griffin, Ted Gunderson mentioned.

Can anyone clear up who Dan Ferguson works for?

Periscope Isaac Kappy Project 4 a Rad American Century was live  see below or [67]


Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open…. 

Hollywood’s Starting to Crack Wide Open….

Hollywood is near the heart of the beast as far as child abuse is concerned. Hollywood is also a huge propaganda factory for the powers that be – an information laundry for the criminal cabal…

Press top link, under Patriot Girls twitter handle, to play in new tab, I am having technical difficulties how to embed properly so vid plays in window- wish someone could tell me!

Anyhow now Washington Pundit has uploaded it to puketube saving my lack of techincal ability


and for Hooktube [75]

Isaac Kappy is moving too fast to keep up so I have done a separate post see 2018 Jul 27 Cathy Fox Blog Isaac Kappy exposes Steven Spielberg and others and talks about Pedophiles  [69]

To get on in Hollywood you are abused and compromised as the price of admission. All the big stars have been abused and blackmailed and many go onto abuse others. Some people have been abused and go on to abuse. Get help. Stop the child abuse. Help expose and stop the abuse not perpetuate it. Those that come forward to help first will be remebered for what they did.

The Deep state and their agents are panicking. Hollywood is in panic. The truth is now starting to flood out – mind control, child abuse, child trafficking, human sacrifice, cannibalism, organ trafficking and more.

They are on the run. Keep it that way. Do more research. Keep digging, keep publishing, keep spreading the information.

If you have a story, tell your story  – there has never been a better time. If you do not want to do that – tell a bit of your story.

If yo want to become a whistleblower here is some information about security and hwo to do it safely Neon Revolt So You Want To Be A Whistleblower? A Crash Course in OPSEC [70]

Has someone abused you in Hollywood? What is your story of Hollywood? It is better to come clean now if you were abused than be exposed as a pedophile soon, which will be too late to come clean.

Its not your fault if you were abused, it is your fault if you carry on abusing.

Who are the abusing powerbrokers in Hollywood?

#SayBraveThings #EndTheCycleOfAbuse

Correction on coining of  #SayBraveThings

They are panicking, making mistakes and turning on each other.

This Breitbart article says that Lexi Alexander has deleted her twitter account after questioning why Hollywood people were making pedophilia jokes. Another brave soul. Hope she is ok. 2018 Jul 23 Breitbart Former Marvel Director Deletes Twitter Account After Calling Out Hollywood Pedophilia Jokes [77]. Latest news is she is back on twitter.

Also check out Fiona Barnetts article about Watergate break in which was to access pedophile files. I have put the article in Appendix 1 below or  2018 Jun 8 FionaBarnett Watergate was Pedogate [31].

Washington Pundit have now published a list of names 2018 Jul 27 Washington Pundit Names Connected with Pedogate [78]

“The names in this list are tied to the PedoGate scandal in various ways. Some through public advertising of known pedophile symbols, some are convicted pedophiles, some have been photographed attending cultist rituals that revolve around pedophilia and/or cannibalism, such as Spirit Cooking and Bohemian Grove. We will be writing articles on each name and providing information and evidence to support our claims. This will be a long process due to the length of the list and the amount of research and writing it takes for each name. We will be updating this list regularly and will be posting articles within our ‘PedoGate’ category on our site as each individual’s articles are completed. An X will appear next to the individuals names once their article is posted.”

Hollywood Names:

Seth Green

James Gunn

Dan Scheinder

Steven Spielberg

Tom Hanks X

Steven Colbert

Jimmy Kimmel

Ashton Kutcher

Kevin Spacey

Kathy Griffin

Oprah Winfrey

Shawn Carter

Beyonce Knowles

Anthony Kiedis

John Legend

Chrissy Teigen

Jim Carrey

Steven Tyler

Ben Affleck

Stephen Collins – X

Will Ferrell

Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam (Akon)

Marshall Matthers III

Jeffrey Jones

Victor Salva

Marc Collins Rector

Charlie Sheen

Tyler Grasham

Madonna Ciccone

Katheryn Hudson

Gwen Stefani

Stefani Germanotta

James Franco

Will Smith

Justin Roiland

John Cusack

Demi Moore

Brian Affleck

Meryl Streep

Wanda Sykes

Chelsea Handler

Michelle Wolf

David Yarovesky

Pharrell Williams

Quentin Tarantino

Robert Downey Jr

Courtney Love

Alec Baldwin

Political Names:

Joe Biden

John McCain

Bob Menendez

John Podesta

Tony Podesta

Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

Jeff Flake

Bob Corker

Jacob Schwartz

Ed Murray

Barney Frank

Brock Adams

Mel Reynolds

Neil Goldschmidt

David Wu

Tony Mendoza

Anthony Weiner

Peter Strzok

Adam Schiff

Charles Windsor

John Kerry

Joe Scarborough

Andrew Cuomo

Justin Trudeau

Brian Stelter

Jake Tapper

Chris Cuomo

Pope Francis

Bill Richardson

Peter Soros

Prince Andrew

Barack Obama

Anderson Cooper

Sheila Jackson-Lee

Check their page for more information as they write details about each connection


I have now sorted some more links for people to read.


[47] 2018 Mar 20 cathy fox blog  The Pedophocracy by David McGowan

[48] 2017 Nov 21 cathy fox blog  Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations – Joachim

[46] 2017 Aug 10 Cathy fox blog “Security Services” running rogue – Deep State out of Control

Mind Control

[36] 1995 Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a mind control slave pdf

[39] 2018 mar 10 Cathy fox blog  Q Anon – Spirit Cooking and Hollywood Mind Control, Enslaved Children

[40] 2017 Apr 22 cathy fox blog  Kathleen Sullivan – Mind Controlled Slave

[41] 2017 Mar 26 cathy fox blog CIA – DIA Mind Control and Sex Slavery of Children by Sue Arrigo MD

[42] 2017 mar 20 cathy fox blog US MK Ultra – CIA’s Mind Control on Children

[43] 2016 Jul 12 cathy fox blog Mind Control Research and Resource – Australia

[44] 2016 Jan 9 cathy fox blog  Mind Control and MK Ultra in Canada

[45] 2016 Jan 5 cathy fox blog  MK Ultra Mind Control in Australia

[49] 2017 Nov 20 cathy fox blog I HEAR VOICES: Murder by MKUltra?

[15] Vigilant Citizen #BritneySpears Mind Control

[60] Vigilant Citizen blog is one of the specialists in Hollywood and Mind Control

CIA and Sex Slaves

[53] 2015 Mar 25 Cathy Fox Blog Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry by Dr. Sue Arrigo

[54] 2017 Mar 17 Cathy fox Blog Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 by Sue Arrigo MD

[55] 2017 mar 19 cathy fox blog Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 3 by Sue  Arrigo MD

[41] 2017 Mar 26 cathy fox blog CIA – DIA Mind Control and Sex Slavery of Children by Sue Arrigo MD

[57] 2015 Nov 30 cathy fox blog My Story Fiona Barnett – “Hang on for the Ride”

Human Hunting

[37] 2015 Sept 19 Cathy Fox Blog Hunting Children in Kent

[33] 2017 Apr 3 Cathy fox blog Brice Taylor 3 Brice Taylor was Hunted by George Bush Senior

[34] 2017 Apr 2 cathy fox blog  A Most Dangerous Game – Human Hunting

[38] Liz Crokin thread re Dutch human hunting

Disney and Pedophilia

[30] 2016 Dec 30 cathy fox blog Brice Taylor 2 – Child abuse at Disneyland

[56] 2015 Dec 18 cathy fox blog From Fiona Barnett to Miley Cyrus

[57] 2015 Nov 30 cathy fox blog My Story Fiona Barnett – “Hang on for the Ride”

[60] Vigilant Citizen blog is one of the specialists in Hollywood and Mind Control


[32] 2018 Jan 2 cathy fox blog Hivites

Fiona Barnett

[59]  2015 Dec 13 cathy fox blog Fiona Barnett Australian Child Abuse Network

[56] 2015 Dec 18 cathy fox blog From Fiona Barnett to Miley Cyrus

[57] 2015 Nov 30 cathy fox blog My Story Fiona Barnett – “Hang on for the Ride”

In the UK I am facing legal threats from libel lawyers for reproducing decades old articles about former MP’s from Scallywag allegations that never before have been challenged. An unprecedented occurrence in 5 years of blogging.

See also Appendix 1 at end of this article 2018 Jun 8 Fiona Barnett Watergate was Pedogate  [61]

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