why cant hoaxstead child rapists read

The sad twat’s threatening to post your address now, something he’s repeatedly denied doing (even though he tried posting mine but was several hundred miles out):

Funnily enough, I’ve known his address for some time but have always had the common decency not to post it.

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  • He posted what he thought was mine on several occasion (but got the wrong city entirely) and said he was coming down with a gang to sort me out (the screenshots are in the blog’s drive). I once pointed out to him that when he posts people’s addresses, he’s not just endangering the innocent people he’s harassing (and let’s face it – he knows they’re innocent people), but he’s also endangering their families, including their children. Naturally, being a child abuser himself who doesn’t give a shit about children’s safety, he continued posting innocent people’s addresses and calling for people to pay them a visit. He’s even posted photos of people’s houses too, though my guess is he’s got those wrong too.


i didnt i said send it…print it i dare you dinnse care …i know yours … karens …..anyway spiny you are a bigger pussy than grobnonce 🤣

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