High Noone at Reading Council. Danger averted…


The following links have the full history to this debacle:

An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018

The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency – 5th June 2018

Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council – 13th June 2018

Reading Council latest. We hate saying “We told you so…” but… – 14th June 2018

It looks like holding Wirral and Reading Councils to account is not going to be easy

Reading Council latest. The emergency safeguarding situation. Here’s some “Private Eye” cuttings.

Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums

Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

10 Our local councillor Adrian Jones washes his hands of Wirral Council abuse, then passes the buck to Reading Council

11 A crime suspect is chased through Wallasey by the police. What happened next…? And do we have our priorities right……..??

Due to a recently exposed safeguarding emergencyMaura Noone has now left her job as Interim Head of Adult Social Services at Reading Borough Council.

Here is a rather begrudged admission from somebody called Councillor Tony Jones, who is Reading Council’s member for Adult Social Services. Nowhere did he find the courtesy to thank anybody, least of all Wirral In It Together or Wirral Leaks for heading off what could have turned into another unmitigated, foreseeable, avoidable Social Services catastrophe, similar to the one that came crashing down onto the heads of a number of vulnerable, learning disabled people of Wirral, on Noone’s watch, only a few short years ago.

Wirral In It Together@Wirral_In_It

Councillor @TonyJonesLab is a charitable sort. Check out his blog. Can he help the situation?

Cllr Tony Jones@TonyJonesLab

Hi, for the avoidance of doubt I can clarify that Ms Noone was on a temporary contract and has since left Reading BC.

And we are now forced to ask, “What about Disclosure and Barring”?  The much vaunted government service that prevents paedophiles, abusers, criminals, ne’erdowells from landing influential jobs where the lives and wellbeing of thousands of innocent, vulnerable, at risk people are at stake.

Well, she got around it somehow.  But how Councillor Jones?  You’re the member in charge of this department at Reading Borough Council.  Did you appoint her? How was her application successful?

And while you’re there…

  • Has Noone signed a fresh settlement agreement and gagging clause?
  • Has Noone been paid off richly in public money?
  • Is Noone’s recent departure from Reading a direct result of this fresh June 2018 scandal you had immersed yourselves in?
  • Will Noone receive a positive reference from you, her most recent employer to flourish before her next potential employer?
  • Armed with a positive reference, will Noone successfully run the gauntlet of Disclosure and Barring all over again?

Around a month ago, when the scandal broke, in the hope of getting news of this dangerous situation out there, amongst others, we contacted a chap called Hugh Fort, a reporter at something called GetReading.

The umbrella organisation for the title GetReading – which appears to regard itself as a ‘newspaper’ – used to be known as Trinity Mirror, a huge national concern with hundreds of titles.  This recently re-branded itself “REACH PLC”.

Anyway, take it from us, it’s shit.  Why is it shit?  Because it’s a news organisation that doesn’t cover something known as news.

We explained in great detail to Hugh Fort what had happened at Wirral.  We followed him on Twitter and provided him with links which went into great detail on how Noone and Fowler were proven inside Anna Klonowski’s external investigation to have spent years financially abusing learning disabled people (follow the links above).

Yet Hugh didn’t run with it.

Why not?  We’ll assume it’s because his superiors instructed him not to.  Which will be the same situation that occurred here on Wirral when we contacted BBC-funded Tom Houghton and he quickly got the thumbs down from his superiors, Executive Editor Steve Graves and Political Editor Liam Thorp at the Liverpool Echo..

…parent organisation, er, once again…….REACH PLC.

Imagine going into work to do your reporter’s job, an essential and very valuable job, a role which could and should be alerting the local population to dangers in their midst, a role which needs protecting in its endeavours and encouragement in these dark times, and some bastard in a suit steps in and bizarrely tells you you can’t do it!!

And this is POST-SAVILE ffs !

savile pic for noone losing her job at reading post

Well, you don’t get yourself completely off the hook, Hugh.  If anyone did that to us, we’d be hitting them with a letter of resignation inside the very next minute.

Sadly, we are a special case. For our sins, we’ve been burdened by principles and a desire to protect people, whereas Hugh evidently has not……..because he still appears to be ‘working’ there, drawing a salary, enjoying his holidays and sick pay, but most of all……….obeying orders, and churning out what he describes as “Advanced Content” .

Hugh Fort


Macaw-some news! https://www.inyourarea.co.uk/news/reading-couple-reunited-with-lost-parrot/ 

Reading couple reunited with lost parrot

Jay was found drinking out of a pond in Lower Earley


We covertly recorded 2 x telephone converstations with Hugh and have tweeted him to politely request his permission to reproduce excerpts from these on this blog.

Wirral In It Together@Wirral_In_It

Dear @Hugh_Fort

RE: Maura Noone scandal you & the captured @getreading failed to cover.

Wirral In It Together covertly recorded both telephone conversations with you. Our readers value our dignified reporting. May we have your permission to transcribe / blog post YOUR speech?

If he agrees, we will reproduce selected parts of the conversations here.  If he refuses, we will redact the contents and only include sections from Paul Cardin’s dialogue, substituting Hugh’s contributions with [xxxxxxxxx].  If he doesn’t respond in 48 hours, we’ll do the same, redacting the contents as if he’d refused.

Toodle pip !

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