Aangirfan Tuesday, 26 June 2018 ALISA AND GAB

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Please watch from 57 secs to 1 min 12 secs

Anonymous sent this comment 26 June 2018:



Richard Ford


  1. The children have been found and are no longer in NHS care? The father has an assumed identity? The children have Facebook pages, the girl a cat and the boy a dog? I had assumed the case was forgotten.


  2. Can post a video to start playing at a certain time point, by adding this code to the link and putting in the exact minute and seconds where you want the play to start:


    So from the general YouTube link as above

    This link below will start to play at 57 seconds –



  3. https://holliegreigjustice.wordpress.com/2018/06/26/ricky-dearman-slime/

    The Hampstead hoaxers were up all last night in moral outrage

    Hoaxthey forgot tae mention ricky dearman did this no one else

    Ricky Dearman brought his kids into this perhaps in breach

    Ricky Dearman is using two fake names to see on facebook and ebay in contravention of of their t and c s

    Look at the bottom of the blog and the company run by a guy called Dearman look at the fiqures and the directors!


  4. I’ve been trying to follow the Wonderful Slime trail on the internet and it seems to be quite intriguing.

    Mr. Dearman is going a long way to cover his tracks.

    Now I’m not the one to begrudge a father for trying to start a business for him, or for him and his children (that I haven’t quite decided for myself) so that they can have a form of financial security. That is admirable, and it APPEARS as though that is what Mr. Dearman is doing, at the outset. But the more you look into his business venture things start to look a little shady, Jimmy Savile kind of shady.

    It seems slime is a relatively easy product to make at home. Now I don’t know if someone in the Dearman household got ahold of the idea for Gabriel to use slime as a stress tool from his councelors or if Ricky actually had a modicum of fatherhood and found it on the internet for his children to make. Either way, it appears as though Ricky had a BRILLIANT idea.

    This “Wonderful Slime” idea is nothing more than an elaborate MARKETING ploy. Ricky invested in the ingredients tubs, bright fancy pink stickers, an array of cleverly colorful varieties (often simply photo shopped other colors) and an official website.

    As you can see from the above photo it is a still from the 2018 Ebay Recognition Awards 2018 ceremony for Top Sellers on Ebay for their business Wonderful Slime.

    Evidently the Dearmans won the $5000 prize money and trip to America in 2017

    Wonderful Slime is marketed by “Gab Williams” -evidently Ricky has changed the Dearman name to Williams. Ah, but there are more aliases…

    It appears as though Ricky has been dragging the children to temporary stands in malls. It appears his product does not live up to quality standards the price would dictate and has 2 complaints listed on the stores facebook page.


    A “Richard Ford” offered to replace the product for free after a customer complaint that two of her daughter 8 pound tubs of slime were brittle and hard.

    Another customer asked when they were going to be in Brighton again and Richard replied that they were going to be at the County Mall in Crawley.

    “In just 7 short months of supplying Slime to the world, having sold thousands in 20 countries worldwide, WE HAVE ALSO SUPPLIED SLIME FOR SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOLS, CHARITIES (SOMETIMES SUPPLYING PARTIES TO AS MANY 200+ CHILDREN WITH CANCER) And as several weeks ago, we won the “Ebay Business Awards Winner 2017″…

    In conclusion, reviewing the material I have at present it appears Mr. Dearman, using several aliases, is positioning himself to be able to get near as many children as possible.

    The Ebay awards winner ceremony video is very interesting and revealing. There is a mix of boyhood enthusiasm and coached showmanship from Gabriel while Alisa looks relatively uncomfortable and nervous whilst maintaining. I did not want to say it but I’m not sure if Alisa wearing the loose fitting and bulky clothing is hiding a belly from depression or… pregnancy.


  5. Extremely interesting, thanks.


  6. Definitely them. What on earth is going on? Does this imply that the mother did coach them or that the whole thing was a psy-op?


  7. Ricky Dearman now called Richard Ford. Thats his kids.


  8. everyone report this business for the illegal practice of false names


  9. comments have been removed?


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