the mention of Robert Green awakens the Zombie Maggs Shaw

Farmer Giles
18/07/2018 at 4:40 am

Who were the special needs Down’s syndrome children Mr Wedger? no mention of Mr Green’s nomination for a Nobell Peace Prize then? Has he not done any checks into these peoples back grounds. You do far better to investigate a School that is right next door to you that has real victims, of abuse, you know the one, where a teacher was suspended twice, then sacked for inappropriate behaviour with the children, and when the parents complained they were threatened with letters, some saying, we know where your children are, we know what they do. The same teacher was later paid off by the school. A school that has carried out years of abuse. Encouraged bullying, and many teachers had relationships with former students, some even Married. Fortunately the school is now closed, but there are many victims left behind.

When asked by Mr Greens defender council how many of the 9 ACCUSED had even bean questioned she replied  NONE



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