Rantzens husband Desmond Wilcox…what was his role ?

Jonathan King and Esther Rantzen – Page 5 — Digital Spy

9 Oct 2012 – 25 posts – ‎15 authors

Rantzen’s power came by default – via Desmond Wilcox. …. We all know what King, Saville and Glitter were up to now but I actually don’t agree with … Rantzen suggested that after that edition of That’s Life!, the BBC should open a helpline for … So what happened before they started filming the programme?

Esther Rantzen is the Biggest disgrace in showbiz. – Page 2 …

9 Mar 2015 – 25 posts – ‎17 authors

Many people had an inkling of what Saville was up to over the years but without … Once the celebs thought to be paedophiles have been charged and then … I remember on the BBC or ITV documentary,when she pretended to cry after viewing victims’ testimony. … Was Desmond Wilcox aware of this? 0.

Missing: committing

Esther starts to crap herself – Google Groups

ChildLine founder Esther Rantzen, who worked for the BBC during the 1970s, told … The fact that ranzen was married to Desmond Wilcox a senior manager > at the BBC at the … very easily passed on complaints about Savile had she chosen to do > so. … She certainly kept quiet when she should have spoken up. Isn’t that …

BBC spent more than £22million on staff “gagging” pay-offs | The UK …

Of this £3.6bn came from the licence fee, with 25.7m households due to pay the … In the light of the recent Jimmy Savile ‘revelations’ the BBC has been warned it … to Desmond Wilcox, Head of General Features at the BBC from 1972-1980. … with Childline to protect abused children, while she turned a blind eye and a deaf …

Jimmy Savile: If he was alive today, he’d be a star witness at Leveson …

4 Oct 2012 – Cover up: When it came to Savile, the BBC was determined to protect … futhermore, was married to progamme-maker Desmond Wilcox, one of … to Savile’s crimes and then charge them with conspiracy to commit child abuse?

Ex-BBC Reporter Who Exposed BBC’s Cover-Up of Pedophile Jimmy …

9 Sep 2017 – Former BBC reported Liz MacKean died at the age of 52 last month as a result of a stroke. … Details of the Jimmy Savile Pedophilia Case … The abuse was said to have begun in the mid-1940s,when he was in his late teens or … to accept, that someone they liked so much could commit such violent acts.

Missing: desmond

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