1. Farmer Giles

    Where’s my sick bucket, she must be desperate seeing as she’s ignored that Nobel Peace prize nominee slimy old snake oil salesman.

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  2. Pyrite

    OMFG – why o why do the police not talk to each other!!! Here we go again with both Belinda & Green hooking up to a potential legitimate story to not only gain notoriety with their followers but to legitimise their own BULLSHIT

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  3. Farmer Giles

    So, Roberet is asking people to support Mike Veal and his team. Does that mean not making false allegations Robert? Like the ones you and Belinder are so accustom too? If so I think he’s already got the measure of people like you, as there have already been people put on file for things like peverting the cause of justice, and oh, one person trying to be three different people…

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