Joan Coleman’s RAINS list – 2018 update (Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support)

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JOAN COLEMAN’S RAINS LIST (Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support)

All links & everything between the [ ] has been added by me. Everything else is word for word what is written in the original doc.   Links are in blue & archived (a)

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Relevant to case of Helen G

Key to terms and abbreviations used:

HG. Helen G.
RAINS. Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support. Founded 1989.
Alters. other personalities in those who have DID.
DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Mart. Cult name of Joseph Stein.
Peter. Cult name of Don Taylor.
James. Cult name of William Rattray.
Pals. My informant held in Leigh Park Havant.
JLFJean Le Fontaine. Prof. Emeritus. LSE,Founder Member of INFORM Author
KM. Keeper Master. Mark Davis aka The Marquis.
SRA. Satanist Ritual Abuse.
SRAS. Satanist Ritual Abuse Survivor.
BS. Barbara S.
VH. Veronica H
NJ. Natasha J. (Maiden name as when I first knew her).
ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers.
HP. High Priest

• • • • • • •


I will write these in the order in which they were given to me. The following 20 or so 20 were given by HG or her alters. over the years from 1997 onwards. Most of which have since been confirmed by those we speak of as Pals who have provided many more names in addition. For the first few years i knew HG, these were the only names she mentioned and appeared to be her main controllers and abusers. Gradually, over the years she started to talk of others. But at that time there were still so many cult-loyal alters who tried to prevent these disclosures.



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