maggs shaw oneils blatant lie

maggs shaw oneils blatant lie

Still if you will fuck animals….




My dear Malkey, I’ve never been married, I don’t have children, and I certainly don’t have Grandchildren. I know you have sexual fantasies about Maggs, you just can’t help your self. Are you a wearer of a tin hat too?


remember NEVER been married


maggs shaw …farmer Giles it’s not hard

Farmer Giles May 30, 2017 at 8:16 pm
Berlin Bertie I do actually know more about it than you think I do, there was actually people in the Hollie Greig hoax team that turned against each other and that we’re working on both sides, passing information to MKO I’ve seen all the videos I personally investigated all this for six years, my marriageactually ended partly because of it


Here it is LIAR

More on Holliehoax and Hoaxtead





Maggs was upset because she is a attention seeking whore.
She says her uncles abused her but we have proven her to be a liar




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