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Sheba/Susan is a MOMENTUM activist.She has a wde range of politically motivated major far left loonies , dangerous superloonies , with whom she is closely associated .Such as Lenny Pozner from USA and supertroll come anarchist Dave OBrien from Ireland .Also she joins many “activist” online groups ,HONR network for example ,on Facebook . The other thing she does is pester senior political figures and celebrities with letters and emails , as well as spending days at a time continuously phoning Child line ,NSPCC , numerous UK and Irish police call centres etc. As well as this she uses her fake profiles to contact the Facebook accounts of same.She has firstly said that she never told anyone about her alleged abuse until she was grown up and that she did that because she d8dnt want to upset her grand parents , so waited until they died until saying anything .Then she says that she told on her father when she was 5years old , and she was shut in a cupboard with fly spray put on her as punishment for telling .THEN she has said that she was first molested by her father at 9 years old . Some of what she comes off with is copied from other peoples disclosures , both she and her fellow MOMENTUM member ,Stephen Keys aka Postnien and numerous other akas , have been seen to copy other people , a lot! One of Hoaxteads chief trolls ,Bea Bea aka Barbara Collier aka Babs aka Gloria Jacobs , turned on the pair of them and then told all about them . Barbara also said that the pair of them do run Hoaxtead and there is another person known as Raymond Varkman and that is El Coyote .We have the phone number of this suspect and via that will acquire the associated address , I will then publish those details .


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