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robert greig and Malcolm webster

scott pattinson made this Freedom of Information request to Police Scotland

The request was refused by Police Scotland.

scott pattinson 

Dear Police Scotland,

On 17 November 1997 Robert Greig was removed from a vehicle which
was reported to have been on fire in a quiet isolated track, hidden
by trees adjacent to the A90 just outside Balmedie near Aberdeen,
Scotland. The evening of the fire was cold with wind and rain.
Sylvester Cadger, a work colleage of Dennis Mackie, was at the
scene within moments of the car fire starting and was later awarded
for his bravery.

The Parked Vehicle was burned out to a shell but there was no
evidence of a crash. The rescued body of Robert Greig reportedly
had bruising and broken bones in the chest and back of the head. No
Toxocologist Report was ever produced to the next of kin. The
Autopsy Report took 12 years to produce to the next of Kin. The
Autopsy declared that the catalytic converter had spontaneously
caught fire and that Robert Greig reportedly died of ‘smoke

Ian McDougall was the solicitor who 1. Provided Robert Greig’s
conveyancing services in 1989 when he bought his own home. 2. Drew
up Robert Greig’s Will, appointing himself as Sole Executor
presuming he would outlive him. 3. Advised Anne Greig (Hollie’s
mum)not to divorce Dennis Mackie in 1994 4. Looked after the
affairs of Anne Greig, Robert Greig’s livein mother who died in
1994. 5. Was granted power of Attorney by Dennis Mackie in 1995. 6.
Transferred 1/3 of the equity (£50,000) in Robert’s House to Dennis
Mackie in 1996. 7. Arranged A life insurance policy for Robert
Greig worth £50,000 payable to Dennis Mackie’s bank in 1996. 8.
Declared to Probate registry that Robert Greig’s estate had minimal
value in 1998.

Robert Greig was the maternal uncle of Hollie Greig. Hollie is a
Downs Syndrome woman who was awarded Criminal Injuries Compensation
by a panel who found that she was ‘probably’ sexually abused by her
dad Dennis Mackie and was found to be an honest witness by police
and psychologists. Hollie had named others including Jillian and
Graeme Mackie as people who had sexually abused her.

Jillian and Graeme Mackie (the Brother and Sister in law of Dennis
Mackie) gave evidence at the Malcolm Webster Murder trial. Jillian
Mackie spoke of how Malcolm Webster brought both Claire Morris and
Felicity Drumm, his wives to thier home. Jillian Mackie described
how his wives would be sleepy and how Malcolm Webster, a Nurse,
would mention how easy it was to access prescription only sedatives
from the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where he worked.

On 19 May 2011 Malcolm Webster was found guilty of staging the car
fire that killed Claire Morris and attempting to kill Felicity
Drumm in a similar Car fire in New Zealand.

Malcolm Webster was not investigated until after his dad, retired
Chief Superintendent Alex Robertson, died and therefore placed many
women and children at risk during the intervening 17 years.

Assistant Divisional Officer Michael Maloney reported that Claire
Morris’s death was an accident despite having no previous
experience in fatal car fires.

Eric Jensen Forensic Officer made a report that Claire Morris’s
death was an accident despite having no previous experience in
fatal car fires.

Claire Morris was murdered in a fatal Car fire 8 miles away from
where Robert Greig was killed in a fatal car fire.

Robert Greig was pronounced dead at the work place of Malcolm

Please could you provide names of all appointed members of any
board who;

a. Has acted or ommitted to act in order to frustrate the proper
investigation of Robert Greig’s death?

b. Has acted or ommitted to act in order to frustrate the proper
investigation and criminal trial of Dennis Mackie and others for
the sexual abuse of Hollie Greig?

c. Has acted or ommitted to act in order to illegally and
unlawfully detain and drug Anne Greig for 72 hours under s24 of the
Mental Health (Scotland) Act on 5 September 2000 at the
recommendation of Dennis Mackie.

d. Has acted or ommitted to act in order to illegally and
unlawfully remove Hollie from Anne Greig where she feels safe and
detain Hollie Greig into a Local Authority Insitution against her
wishes which she has capacity to state.

e. Has willfully allowed confirmed sex offender Dennis Mackie to
remain unregistered as a sex offender and therefore able to adopt
or work with children unhindered, despite being found to have
‘probably’ sexually abused Hollie Greig.

2. In relation to 1 above, please provide all information and
records held in relation to ommissions and acts of the named board
Yours faithfully,

scott pattinson

FOI Aberdeen, 


Dear Mr Pattinson,


Police Service of Scotland received your request for information on 1st
November 2014 and a response will be provided by 28th November 2014.


Please quote Ref No IM-FOI-2014-2287 in any correspondence.







Mr Nicky Leiper

Information Management

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire & Moray

Police Scotland



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1 Attachment


Dear Mr Pattinson

Please find attached the response to your recent request for information.


David Steel
Police Service of Scotland
FOI Central Processing Unit
0141 435 1228



<<2014-2287 – Final Response.pdf>>

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scott pattinson 

Dear FOI,

It was recently introduced that anyone suspected of sexual abuse can be put on this list. This was being operated by police scotland. So the information you give about being found guilty before being put on the list is incorrent

Yours sincerely,

scott pattinson

scott pattinson 

Dear FOI,

Here is the information…

Yours sincerely,

scott pattinson

scott pattinson 

Dear FOI,

I trust you have read the information?

Yours sincerely,

scott pattinson

scott pattinson 

Dear FOI,

It has come to my attention that you have deleted your previous response that stated you wanted clarification on my point. I now feel you are breaking the law in stating that the named person has to have a criminal record to be on the set offenders list. I will now be passing this information to the ico

Yours sincerely,

scott pattinson


Mr Pattinson,

We cannot delete information already on the WDTK website. What information are you referring to?

Kind Regards

Insp Graeme Cuthbertson

Police Scotland
Information Management (FOI)

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scott pattinson 

Dear FOI,

I have proof that you have lied and will be passing on the evidence to the ico. You did state “would you please clarify your request. Upon which I did send the link. Otherwise I wouldn’t of sent the link.

Yours sincerely,

scott pattinson

scott pattinson 

Dear Police Scotland,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Police Scotland’s handling of my FOI request ‘robert greig and Malcolm webster’.

I have the email that states police Scotland would like clarification on my comment that stated they didn’t have to be guilty of a crime in order to be on the sex offenders register. They have broken the law in declaring otherwise. They have not reviewed the decision and thus have broken the law. I am also falsely accused of being a liar in the claim that there was no such posting that asked for clarification on the above question.

The link I provided on my Foi has shown that I am using the law in stating that you do not need to be a criminal in order to be on the sex offenders list and that alleged offenders can be put on this list. I conclude by saying you must uphold the law

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:…

Yours faithfully,

scott pattinson


Mr Pattinson,

I’ll record your request for Review.

I would however ask that you take time to appreciate the proposed
‘Persons of Interest’ warning scheme is NOT the same as being required
to register details under the legislative notification requirements. A
registered sex offender is someone who is required to register with the
Police in terms of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Sex offenders are
subject to notification requirements and this is colloquially known as
the Sex Offenders’ Register. No single register of sex offenders exists.

Since 1997 there have been a number of changes to the law that apply to
offenders subject to the notification scheme and registration scheme for
sex offenders.

An offender who becomes subject to the notification requirements must,
within 3 days of conviction, notify the police, in person and at a
prescribed police station, of his name, address, date of birth,
passport, credit card, and bank details and national insurance number.
If the offender is in prison on the day that this requirement falls due
then he must make his notification within 3 days of his release.

Such offenders must then notify the police, within 3 days, of any change
to their name or their address. They must also notify the police, within
3 days, if they spend 7 days or more (whether consecutively or within a
twelve month period) at an address they have not already notified to the
police. Offenders must also notify the police 7 days in advance of any
intended overseas travel for a period of 3 days or more. All offenders
must now ensure that they re-confirm their notified details at least
once every 12 months.…

Kind Regards

Insp Graeme Cuthbertson

Police Scotland
Information Management (FOI)

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FOI Aberdeen, 

1 Attachment


Dear Mr Pattinson,


Please find attached the response to your review request.


Yours sincerely,



Mrs Jody McKenzie

Compliance Manager

Information Management – Aberdeen

Police Scotland

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scott pattinson 

Dear FOI Aberdeen,

You mention the persons of interest but in doing so you don’t state if the person in question was put on that list. Please clarify if he was or wasn’t put on that list

Yours sincerely,

scott pattinson

FOI Aberdeen, 


Dear Mr Pattison,

Whether a living, identifiable individual has been added to the scheme is the personal data of that individual. Obviously the scheme is very new and was not in place at the time of the incidents you refer to.


Jody McKenzie
Compliance Manager

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Spiny and RD Triggered



    WHAT the independent?

ohh two goes

Great quote. And it’s triggered Malcolm, who appears to have had a wee dram or two:


as i have said i dont drink nor do i rape kids unlike you two









arthur c clarke nonce

NOTW editor ‘spiked paedophilia scoop on Arthur C Clarke for fear of Murdoch’

Ex-reporter claims story never ran because the sci-fi author was the proprietor’s friend
MARTIN HICKMAN Friday 6 July 2012
Murdoch became friends with Clarke and exploited his theories on satellites at BSkyB
Murdoch became friends with Clarke and exploited his theories on satellites at BSkyB Reuters
The News of the World spiked an exclusive story exposing the science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke as a paedophile, according to a new book about life inside the newspaper whose closure was announced a year ago today.

In Hack, an account of his nerve-shredding days as a reporter on the News of the World and then the Sunday Mirror, Graham Johnson claims that although the NOTW prided itself on outing pederasts, editors made an exception for Mr Clarke because he was a friend of Rupert Murdoch.


Through BSkyB, the tycoon commercially exploited the futurologist’s theory that satellites would be ideal for communications and praised him in public. As a result, according to Mr Johnson, who by that time had been sacked by the NOTW and had joined the Sunday Mirror, a story by reporter Roger Insall about Mr Clarke’s alleged abuse of adolescent boys was never published for fear of upsetting the proprietor.

Tipped off about the story, the Sunday Mirror sent Mr Johnson to Colombo, where he extracted an confession from the author that he paid boys for sex. “I have never had the slightest interest in children – boys or girls. They should be treated in the same way. But once they have reached the age of puberty, then it is OK,” Mr Clarke was quoted as saying in the Sunday Mirror. “If the kids enjoy it and don’t mind it doesn’t do any harm … there is a hysteria about the whole thing in the West.”


Mr Clarke subsequently denied he was a paedophile, saying: “The allegations are wholly denied.” But he never sued the Sunday Mirror and died aged 90 at his Sri Lanka home in 2008.

Speaking to The Independent yesterday, Mr Johnson said: “Roger [Insall] said that because Arthur C Clarke was a mate of Rupert Murdoch, the editor wasn’t having any of it and despite Roger getting a lot of evidence that Clarke was a paedophile they wouldn’t publish it.”


Yesterday, Phil Hall, the then editor, said: “I can vaguely remember that story. I do remember that Roger Insall worked on it and I remember it was not published. My only recollection is that the only reason we wouldn’t publish it was because of legal reasons.”

He said Mr Murdoch never asked him to spike stories. News International, publisher of the NOTW, made no comment

Eggs’n’Bacon Aka spiny nonce
30/04/2018 at 12:52 pm

The following quote seems apposite:

The greatest tragedy in mankind’s entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.

Arthur C. Clarke



Injustice and Organised Targeting

Injustice and Organised Targetting

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This is a man, Omraj Jeetun, who is trying to get his children and wife back. He say he has been targetted since taking a Company to a Employment Tribunal.

Summary of his Story

1. 2012 I took Knowledge Point Ltd to a London Employment Appeal Tribunal.

2- 2013 The appeal was delayed but but we started being gang stalked on daily basis. The gang-stalking surveillance was pointed out to Reading police, Reading Borough Council and Knowledge Point Ltd

3. It is my belief that Knowledge Point Ltd lied, produced forgeries and a fake witness at the Tribunal. A witness claimed that were friends and to know my family, which they did not. A supervisor also claimed to be at work when they were on holiday in Spain.

The case went in the companies favour but ever since my wife and my children have continued to have been targetted.


View original post 751 more words

wildcat on AAngrifan

Sunday, 29 April 2018


John Shields and Mallard Care Home 


Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry – April 2018 


Craignethan Castle, Alexander III, Wizards, Necromacy & a Belligerent Badger 


Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry to focus on Moray homes

Mourners told Cardinal Keith O’Brien asked for forgiveness

‘Throw away the key’

Justice For Hollie Greig

Working with tramatic memory.

The “Grossly Offensive” & Freedom Of Speech #FreeDankula

Watch – BBC 2 Documentary – THE SECRETS OF THE MASONS

Robert Green’s Letters. 19th March 2018

Fresh Start Foundation Stirling Roadshow Videos. Guest speaker – JON WEDGER

Robert Green’s letter to Cressida Dick. #JonWedger

WikiPaedo Preview

Child abuse probe after police trawl 200,000 old files

Dunblane paedophile jailed for 27 months

Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED

Fresh Start Foundation – Edinburgh Roadshow AUDIO RECORDINGS

Robert Green’s letter to @SimonClarkeMP

MI5 agents can commit crime in UK, government reveals

Dundee Social work professor, Mark Smith ‘should be sacked’ for defending convicted child abusers.

Sex offender claimed to be abuse victim of Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton

Inverness woman fined for extortion attempt over childhood abuse claim

Robert Green – Satanism in the Judiciary in the Family Division

Real Life Crimes issue 108 – Robert Black

Chances missed to save tragic tot Clyde Campbell #no2np

WATCH Stormzy Brit Awards takedown of Theresa May’s handling of Grenfell.

‘Devil incarnate’ Barry Bennell sentenced to 31 years

Mum dies of heart failure during court case

‘We must act before another child is killed’: Warning over abuse linked to witchcraft and possession beliefs in UK

@SunnyClaribel, @BarbaraHewson & @ciabaudo

Scots international aid charity admits it dealt with two cases of alleged sexual abuse of children

Oxfam trustee who made ‘full and unqualified apology’ to Britain and Haiti was given £670,000 pay-off by BBC over Jimmy Savile cover-up row

Ex-paratrooper who trained Prince William is on the run after being convicted for child rape

Busman’s holiday!

John Swinney ‘delusional’ over lobbying row in named person scheme

Iain Macwhirter: Time to stand up with good manners and a thick skin against the vile trolls.

Jury in Barry Bennell child abuse trial told to put ‘revulsion’ aside


Pope received sex abuse letter sparking Church cover-up claims

CIRCUS CHILD SEX RING sexually abused & raped 3 boys under 8 & forced them to drink their own BLOOD

Inside the paedophile rehab centre that’s helping child-sex offenders.

1 comment:

  1. The experts are telling us it’s one per cent of adult men are ‘paedophiles’ (sexually attracted to pre pubescent children)… in the UK I suspect it’s higher.
    Not everyone who abuse children (even sexually) is classed as a paedophile.
    Not every ‘paedophile’ abuses children.
    We can’t arrest our way out of this EPIDEMIC… society has to change.
    More awareness as to what it is, in all forms, at all levels of society… we need real psychiatrists (with no agenda) to analyse what has happened in our society.
    A good argument can be made that individuals that are sexually attracted to children but have never acted upon those impulses should be able to seek help… but viewing online child porn does fuel an industry, and that child, wherever in the world, has suffered.

    The latest on IICSA from the The Independent, with a few statistics regarding online child porn.

    British institutions ‘prioritise reputation of political leaders over children’, warns child sex abuse inquiry

    I am honestly and well truly horrified by what I’ve come to learn I the past few years… absolutely horrified!
    (what’s more horrifying is how our society has just buried it’s head in the sand regarding it… the problem is getting worse in many ways)


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