If you wonder why Jim Gamble is not in this, he’s in Part 2! 



From: Robert Green
Sent: 27 April 2018 16:05
To: Sonia Poulton
Subject: Film

Hello Sonia,

I`ve just finished watching the film and it is of great credit to you. I think the direction of your questions will resonate with a very significant section of the people of this country.

As you know, I have had some indirect connection with this case, having spoken to Arthur Cowley and then to Gerry Healy, Kate McCann`s father.

Perhaps the most significant of all was when I was interviewed by DS Shaun Richardson and DS Nick Troon of Operation Yewtree at its HQ in London on 20th February 2013.

Although the interview was primarily arranged to focus on Hollie`s case, it was the officers who repeatedly asked about my experiences in relation to the possible connection between Denis Mackie and the  McCann case. I told them what I knew and that Anne Greig had reported to West Mercia Police on 8th May 2007 with regard to her former husband and son.

Arthur Cowley had already told me that Anne`s information had never reached the Portuguese Police. I twice contacted the Portuguese Police in Faro and they confirmed what Cowley had told me.

James Murray, of the Express, was earlier very interested in the possibility of a connection with the Mackies over Madeleine`s disappearance and at one point, suggested flying Anne and Me out to Portugal to the house the Mackies lived in, to which Anne still had a key.

I think that you know about the police intelligence document from Grampian Police which was concealed from the court and defence at the time of my trial.I did not learn about it until after I had talked to the Yewtree investigation. It is dated , significantly, 8th May 2007 and refers to a Portuguese connection, describing the Mackies as being believed to have a predilection for very young girls.  I have asked Amanda to email a copy to you, which you may receive this afternoon.

I told the officers of Anne`s belief that Mackie was operating a child-trafficking network with Brazil under the name ‘Daisy Chain’, an export company he had formed.

Did Mackie have some connections with the disappearance or with the McCanns?

I have no way of knowing, but the Yewtree officers were surprisingly persistent over this. Perhaps the staggering attempts to shut me up by the Scottish government may be connected in some way.

Please let me know if any of this is of value to me. You are quite free to quote me over anything that I have told you.






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