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1h1 hour ago
WTF is this?! Now i cant even get access to my back up youtube channel??

I can watch youtube but cant get on to my own page??

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Dame Alun Roberts

5h5 hours ago
If Police had given credence to victims, less deference would have been paid to the rampant paedophile Greville Janner, who would have been put behind bars instead of slipping through the net no fewer than THREE times.

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Esther Bakerski

2h2 hours ago
Has there been an element of “blind belief” for victims of sexual violence ever?

If so it’s not been for women. There has permenantly been a belief that a vagina was made for sex & by the very fact that you have one you have to prove you weren’t consenting to the act.

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David Lean

3h3 hours ago
Barry Bennell had walked the streets for 11 yrs when my case got prosecution guidance changed on appeal by a review panel to allow prosecution in 2015..

Now I know both the CPS & police knew their were many more In 98 and they were not used and could have supported my case !

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6h6 hours ago
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How strange she is sending that message to a stalker …Sunnyclaribel added,

Dame Alun Roberts

Sour grapes much?
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2h2 hours ago


Mar 2018

#Aberdeen crematorium to get £1m refurb

June 2017

*205* Babies Ashes: Crematorium boss quits over slow cooking comment.

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11m11 minutes ago
‘why wasn’t it done?’ Distraught dad of missing Glenrothes lad Allan Bryant Jr makes emotional plea for Police Scotland to release CCTV footage


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Dame Alun Roberts

4h4 hours ago
Both Nancy Kathleen Lloyd-Parry and her brother Michael Denby, both offspring of Barbara Hewson’s uncle ‘Sir’ Richard Denby, had a stake in CRD Securities Ltd.

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