Whilst I am unable to comment of Freemasonry and His Honour Judge Simon Oliver in the published article below, I can evidence your comments

on the Polish lady.  The Reading County Courts files, on this specific case,  were posted to me.  I forwarded the files to Lord Justice  Sir James Munby.

I  also had sent to me other cases involving His Honour Judge Simon Oliver, Reading County Court, that mirror that of the Polish lady, where the

mothers  have had their children removed by HHJ Simon Oliver  and received a court order threatening them with imprisonment  if they disclose 

what has occurred to them.

Shining a bright light on His Honour Judge Simon Oliver and Reading County Court 

1. One mother, who lost her children had worked for the Metropolitan Police Service and had reported directly to a officer at the rank of Commander.

2. Two mothers have gone to live abroad with their remaining children.

3. An elderly mother,  whose daughter has a neurological condition is not allowed to move the daughter to a nursing home  closer to home. HHJ Simon

    Oliver’s court order threatens the mother with imprisonment if she discuss the case.

4. In my own case, Leonard Lawrence, it has now been identified that HHJ Simon Oliver did not hold a Court of Protection authorisation in 2012/2013


Leonard Lawrence


  1. Judge Simon Oliver exposed as taking bribes in court. His honour judge Simon Oliver works at Reading Family Court, Slough family and county court, central London Family Court, upper tribunal London, Isleworth Crown Court, Reading Crown Court and Oxford Crown Court. Several victims have spoken up but no one is heard. Please click on the link below to find out more about this corrupt portly bastard.


    Judge Simon Oliver has also been accused of nipple tweaking and using rent boys.


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