8 thoughts on “Jon Venables AKA Luke Taylor Winson Green prison

  1. Venables is a dirty bastard that I hope gets battered to death in prison tell the staff to stop protecting him let images kill the scum itethat he is he’s an arsehole that needs to be battered to death


  2. This dirty pedophile child killer’s picture is all over the net, it’s just a matter of time before someone gets him before he gets another


  3. Es gibt keine Worte fĂźr diesen Bastard!
    Er hätte vor Jahren schon Zerfleischt werden sollen. Was er getan hat ist niemals mehr wieder gut zu machen! Wie kann man so einem Dreckschwein ein Kind schenken wollen? James wäre jetzt in einem alter wo er wahrscheinlich schon ein hätte und er wäre bestimmt ein liebevoller Vater gewesen…. Die Tatsache das Jon Venables auch sein eigenes Kind missbrauchen wĂźrde steht ja wohl ausser fragen! Es mĂźsste ein Gesetz geben, dass Pädophile keine eigenen Kinder bekommen dĂźrfen! Die dumme Frau ist mir egal! Soll sie sich von so einem perversen durch nehmen lassen und in Grund und Boden dafĂźr schämen. Aber ihm ein Kind auf die Welt setzten lassen??!!!… Niemals darf das passieren


    • There are no words for this bastard!
      He should have been mangled years ago. What he has done is never going to make amends! How do you want to give a child like this to a bastard? James would now be in an age where he probably already had one and he would certainly have been a loving father …. The fact that Jon Venables would abuse his own child is indeed out of the question! There should be a law that pedophiles can not have their own children! I do not care about the stupid woman! Should she let such a perverted and go ashamed of it in the land. But let him have a child in the world ?? !!! … Never that happen


  4. One thing I really need to know is…….where is Jamie Bulger and his families fresh start. After hearing the things he has been doing since his incarceration……with female prison staff and his other proclivities. You just have to accept some people are evil. He needed castrating…..After his gross and vicious attack that led to that babies death. Fresh start, I am all for it!!!! Give him a fresh start without his gonads, as a reminder of what a warped shit he is. Gove him a half inch extra space in his boxers by all means! After All, he crows about “who he is and what he’s done under the anonymous cloak he was given to keep him safe. Just shows, has very little balls to start with, didn’t keep his real name then boast. Fresh start. What about the family he has decimated? And Jamie’s torture, suffering and ultimate death? Or are we now counting death as a fresh start?


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  6. The shite needs to be battered good and proper from inmates shouldn’t be protected he.s an arsehole want him tortured and killed proper


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