The Deep State Is Universal.

The Deep State Is Universal.

by enochered


The ‘Deep State’ in the United Kingdom, which resides in the City of London, has manipulated the subservient British People, into a state of almost perpetual warfare and pillage for two centuries. The ‘free and democratic’ British people, are the perfect example of the warning that;

“None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.”

-Johann von Goethe

The British are not alone, the Jews in Israel are in the same position, they believe that the Rothschild family, which gave itself the ownership of Palestine, in return for encouraging the participation of those equally controlled American Dreamers in the Great War, to be concerned about the welfare of the Jew in the street, they will be sadly disillusioned when the time comes. When all the lies are finally exposed the Jews will find, there to be nowhere to run.

The Black dupes in the United States, whom are now under the spell of the same Jews, whom shipped them in from Africa and sold them into slavery in the States, are spitting on the White dupes, whom having petitioned for the ‘freeing’ of Black slaves and giving them all sorts of preferential treatment in society, now stand watching as their women are being raped and murdered, in huge numbers, by these ‘free’ Blacks, whom now call us Whites ‘supremacists’, a term which was invented by ‘God’s Chosen People,’ you genuinely could not make it up.

Like the Blacks, the Muslims fail to understand or choose to ignore the fact, that like the Christian hierarchy, Islam has long been taken under control by the greedy power seekers. Wahhabi is a construct from Saudi Arabia, deliberately designed to foment discontent between an already deliberately divided Islam.




This ploy has already given us numerous wars between the different branches of Christianity and even now we find Christian groups in the United States, defending Israel and the Jews whom killed Christ and whom are even now wiping out the Christians all across the Muddle East.

This is the device used by tyrants down through the ages, that of ‘Divide and Rule’ which has lead to a situation in the Middle East where the indigenous people refer to themselves not simply as Palestinians or Syrian but by the divisive the name of their own particular Religion, while all being of the same race, that is the evidence of the success of the strategy of ‘Divide and Rule.’

In South Africa, the same Jew influences, which have destroyed Europe and the Middle East, have managed to convince the Blacks that the towns and cities which were built by White Boers, into which the Blacks swarmed, in search of a better life, in a land which had never seen a farm or a toilet, belong to them and the half-Jews in control of the African National Congress, are standing idly by, as the Boers are being slaughtered by Black rapists and murderers, which is the only ‘industry’ to have shown any sort of ‘growth’ since the demise of the White Government.

In Europe, the French, British, German, Swedish and most other Christian countries, which have stupidly accepted mass Muslim immigration, have already been warned by the incomers that they will soon be forced to accept Islam as their religion and submit to Sharia Law. All of this while their infiltrated and controlled Governments, suggest that women wear a modern ‘chastity belt,’ to avoid being summarily raped, by what is in effect incoming savages.

In the United States, the Blacks are already complaining that the crimes of incoming Blacks are being blamed on them and they are explaining that’they’ are African Americans, while the incomers are simply Africans and that they are not at all like them, that is apart from their propensity to rapeand murder.

Well that is not strictly true. Some, of the incomers are Somalian while others are Senegalese and their are many other racial types whom have been paid to come toAmerica, where they will be the new slave labour.

The American Blacks are already demonstrating their lack of acceptance of the idea of the mass immigration of Blacks, as are the Jews in Israel, while they all expect the White Christians, whom built the world, whichthey all want to stream into, to accept them all without question, based on the notion that only White Christians can be “racist” so we must keep our mouths shut.

I had a chat with a woman, who I have known for years, a few days ago. In past times, she and her husband were occupied with the resistance to the construction of an incinerator, a short distance from their home, they are now taking care of a bunch of Somali’s, whom for some reason have been placed in a village, deep in the heart of France, where there is already high unemployment. I asked her how things were going, she told me that she and her husband were now ‘militants’ in support of the immigrants.

I was aghast and asked her if she did not think that there were not already more than enough of them in France, as even the Boulevards in many cities were already open sewers and virtual rubbish tips of discarded waste as a result of them.

She told me that they were not calling for more immigrants, they were working to make sure that those whom are already here can stay. I asked her where she thought they would stay and what about the hundreds of thousands of French people without a home. This good Samaritan was unconcerned about the plight of the French and felt that all illegals, who managed to creep unseen into France, should be allowed to remain.

That is the sad reality of French stupidity, full in the face of the 75,000 rapes a year and “No Go Muslim Zones” all over France, while the police fear that to arrest an Arab, could spark off a Civil War, that is the current state of France.

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