robert green writes to Private eye

From: Robert Green
Sent: 07 November 2017 17:13
Subject: Previous email

Dear Mr Hislop,

I have not yet received any response to my email of 3rd November 2017, with regard to the wholly offensive article relating to me inaccurately and primarily smearing Chief Constable Veale over Operation Conifer..

To begin with, I was convicted, unlawfully, on a breach of the peace after being arrested and charged on 12th February 2012 for breaching an interlocatur (Scottish version of an injunction) that had never been served upon me. That fact has now been accepted by the Court of Session.

Moreover, the Scottish government was found to be have been in breach of its commitment to the ECHR, in denying me the legal support of a solicitor at that time. An estimated 76,000 others have suffered the same fate (see the Peter Cadder case), as ruled by the Supreme Court.

The article also refers to the RAINS list.

As you have made reference to it, I assume that you have read it. That being the case, you will then know that as a result of the dossier, two journalists associated with Private Eye may be required to be interviewed by the police with regard to the very operation you have attempted to discredit.

That this constitutes a very serious matter indeed is transparently obvious.

In order to establish the true facts, kindly confirm that you were personally aware of the connection with the two journalists prior to publication of the said article and whether Rosie Waterhouse had any input in the content of that article, as the identity of the author(s) appears to have been concealed from the readership.

Your prompt response would be appreciated in preventing any further speculation about the true motive for the publication of the article.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

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