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Lord Advocate blocked investigation into alleged paedophile ring: £2 million spent on Establishment-led    cover-up

  • ‘Slush fund’ of public money to silence whistleblowers
  • Cross-border raids on English homes by Scottish police
  • Property taken without inventory
  • First Minister’s law firm gags the media

Thrifty taxpayers should stop complaining about the £1.5 million it cost to investigate Ted Heath.  Far less defensible is the financial drain which continues north of the border, where UK taxpayers have had their pockets picked to the tune of £2 million: not in order to put an end to crimes against children, but to make sure alleged perpetrators never face a jury.

It is not only the English Establishment, it seems, who fear investigations into organised child abuse.  Wearing full academic regalia as she accepted an honorary degree from St Andrew’s University on 22 June this year, Elish Angiolini, Scotland’s legal supremo from 2006 until her resignation in 2011, continued to defy criticism of her high-profile role in quashing investigations into an alleged paedophile ring in Aberdeen.

It was during Angiolini’s stint as Lord Advocate that the Crown Office in Edinburgh called a halt to inquiries into Down’s-syndrome girl Hollie Greig’s claims of long-term gang-rape and ritual abuse by 22 named persons  –  despite the fact that Hollie’s allegations had been endorsed by an award of £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and by abundant expert-witness testimony.

When campaigners questioned Angiolini’s easily disproved assertion that the alleged ring had been fully investigated and all accusations shown to be false, the Scottish legal establishment struck back, unleashing a £2 million onslaught of cross-border raids, theft of private property, dodgy court orders and questionable prison sentences.  And Angiolini herself launched a personal vendetta against Hollie’s committed champion, former Nobel Peace Prize nominee Robert Green, with a private legal action which appears to have been financed at taxpayers’ expense.

Press and media gagged

The true facts of the Hollie Greig case are among the Scottish Establishment’s most closely guarded secrets.  Law firm Levy & McRae, former stamping ground of ex Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, are known to have threatened media outlets in a successful bid to keep the story under wraps.  Peter Watson, at that time a leading light at Levy & McCrae, who are the legal representatives of both Elish Angiolini and former First Minister Alex Salmond, was also a part-time sheriff, but was suspended from this role in 2015, after being questioned in relation to the Heather Capital fraud.  Watson, who has been described as “the eighth defender” in this case, remains under investigation.

Angiolini has fought tooth and nail to divert attention from the part she played in making sure that Hollie’s allegations never came before a jury, even threatening legal action against the online law magazine, The Firm, when they dared to flout the press embargo.   But a letter to Robert Green on government headed notepaper contradicts her claim to the Press Complaints Commission that she “never had any involvement in the case”.  This letter, written on behalf of Kenny MacAskill, states unequivocally that Hollie’s allegations “were investigated by Grampian Police and reviewed by then Lord Advocate, Dame Elish Angiolini, and were found to be false”.  (My emphasis.) The lie that the allegations have been disproved was pressed home in a shameless piece of eyewash in the Sunday Herald, and is still being quoted by journalists too lazy, or too corrupt, to do their homework.

No investigation   –  so where did the money go ?

By the beginning of 2014 the Scottish Establishment had already poured out £1.7 million of taxpayers’ money to silence campaigners demanding a full investigation into Hollie Greig’s allegations of abuse. Robert Green was twice sentenced to extended terms in prison on what many believe to be trumped up charges, and another campaigner, Tim Rustige, was also imprisoned for some months on questionable grounds.

Yet all they were demanding was a full investigation of the facts.

Among those accused by Hollie were a sheriff, a high-ranking police officer, and the head of her special school.  The abuse, which she claims included rape, the ritual killing of animals and human beings, and enforced cannibalism, persisted for fourteen years, and is alleged to have involved seven other children.  Nearly all of the named perpetrators are still alive and, if the allegations are true, may still be posing a threat to others.

The response of the Crown Office was not to interrogate the alleged offenders, or even to examine their computers.  Instead, huge sums of public money have been spent on damage limitation: multiple court hearings; multiple prosecutions; numerous legal teams and solicitors; legal aid; long-term surveillance and forensic analysis teams; special police units set up to monitor Robert Green and others; cross-border raids to arrest campaigners and steal their computers; prison bills; bills from law firms  …  the list goes on and on.

All with the object of silencing those demanding justice for Hollie Greig.

Over the past three years, expenses have continued to mount, with a running total now well in excess of that notched up by Operation Conifer, and most probably exceeding £2 million.

Yet never has there been any attempt by the Establishment to stem this haemorrhaging of public funds by putting all the evidence before a jury.

Nor has there been any querying of the ex Lord Advocate’s reasons for claiming, in the teeth of all the evidence, that an investigation has already taken place.

According to the sworn testimony of DC Lisa Evans in Stonehaven Court on 16 January, 2012, during one of Robert Green’s many trials, not a single one of the 22 people named as abusers was questioned after Hollie gave a three-and-a-half hour statement to Police Scotland in Shropshire  –   where she and her mother, Anne, had fled for safety after being threatened at their Scottish home.  Listening to this statement, which was made to DC Evans on 8 September, 2009, was, Robert Green declares, “the worst three-and-a-half hours of my life”, and the reason why he will never give up the fight for a full investigation.

Even when Hollie initially reported the alleged crimes only two people were interrogated by Grampian Police.  Although it is officially recorded in a Police Intelligence Report dated 8 May, 2007, that these two are believed to have “a predilection towards very young girls”, neither was detained, and they continue to travel freely between Scotland and Portugal, and to maintain business links with South America.   In between times, one of them has even been spotted enjoying a glass or two with police officers in an Aberdeen pub.

Honours for Angiolini

Angiolini   –  born Elish McPhilomy, in Glasgow  –  rose rapidly through the ranks of the prosecution service after writing a report for the Crown Office which sought to circumvent the protections offered by Common Law to sexually abused teenage boys.

In 2006 she was the first Lord Advocate of Scotland to be appointed from the ranks of the Crown Office.

She resigned, according to the Scottish Law Reporter, after “a string of high-profile case failures”, and “doubts over the prosecution of hundreds of criminal cases” where it was alleged that evidence had “either not been provided to courts” or “had simply been made up by prosecutors”.

According to Robert Black QC, who is Professor Emeritus of Scots Law at the University of Edinburgh and who has taken a close interest in the conduct of the Lockerbie Case since 1993, “ … the appointment of a Crown Office staffer as Lord Advocate was a disastrous experiment which should never be repeated  …  She had never in her working life spent a day outside the Crown Office, when the whole point of a Lord Advocate is that he or she is not a Crown Office creature.”

Yet despite her repeated failures this particular Crown-Office creature continues to pile up the honours: Dame of the British Empire, on the recommendation, apparently, of the Scottish Government; Principal of St Hugh’s College, Oxford, despite her lack of academic kudos; and now an honorary degree from Scotland’s most ancient university.

“Important people in gowns”

Angiolini’s first encounter with the legal profession was as witness in a burglary trial, when she was still in her teens.  “There were a lot of important people in gowns,” she says, “and witnesses were left a very long time in the witness room and not given any information … All the attention was focused on the permanent figures of the court, while us (sic) witnesses, and those in the dock, seemed irrelevant”.

This experience, she says, persuaded her to pursue a career in the law: perhaps on the principle of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”.

She has certainly succeeded in being a focus of attention, not all of it admiring: and her role in blocking investigations into the Hollie Greig case suggests that now she herself is one of those “important people in gowns”she, too, thinks it best to keep crucial information close to her chest.

Perhaps no one should be surprised.

For, judging by her actual record, it seems that this is one ‘high achiever’ whose glowing public image deserves to be taken with a pinch of salt.


Elish Angiolini:  Wikipedia,

For the expert-witness testimony supporting Hollie, see

For the persecution of Robert Green, and its cost in pounds sterling:


  • copy of Police Intelligence Report from 8 May, 2007; copy of letter to Anne Greig from Stephen McGowan; complaint against The Firm by Elish Angiolini;  copies of letter from Ronnie Fraser of Criminal Law and Licensing Division, and cover letter from Kenny MacAskill; article from The Drum, 6 August, 2010;


Aberdeen nonce gets 2 goes

Man who indecently assaulted a two-year-old boy avoids jail for SECOND time after claiming he was traumatised

John Mason, now 51, was 14 when he attacked the toddler in Liverpool in the 1980s

John Mason said he was traumatised by his actions in the 1980s (Image: Liverpool Echo)

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A man who indecently assaulted a toddler after becoming aroused by a TV show has avoided jail for a second time after claiming he was traumatised by what he had done.

John Mason attacked the two-year-old boy when he was 14 at a home in Liverpool.

He admitted indecently assaulting the child in the 1980s, and walked free from court after being given a community order in September.

The case was heard a second time after attorney general Jeremy Wright QC intervened, arguing the sentence was too lenient, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Lord Justice Simon agreed, saying a two-year jail term was justified for the serious attack on the defenceless boy.

But due to the “exceptional” nature of the case, he suspended the term, allowing Mason to stay free.

Mason was 14 when he carried out the attack (Image: Liverpool Echo)

The 51-year-old, now of Banff, Aberdeenshire, had himself been traumatised by what he did, said the appeal judge.

It had been a momentary and impulsive offence, committed when he was only 14 and which he had admitted to others throughout his life.

The court heard the sentencing judge got the original punishment wrong because he thought he was limited to the maximum term available at the time of the crime.

Lord Justice Simon, sitting with Mr Justice Lewis and Judge Mark Brown, said the offence was the modern equivalent of oral rape.

He said: “It was committed against a two-and-a-half year old child and the impact on the victim has been significant and long-standing.”

police failed to act

Woman reported Harvey Weinstein to Scotland Yard 25 YEARS ago over claims he asked her to ‘massage him while naked’ but police failed to act after she dropped her complaint

  • Sophie Morris claimed Weinstein was sexually inappropriate with her in 1990/91
  • Ms Morris was working as an intern for Miramax at the Savoy Hotel in London 
  • She said mogul asked her to massage him but he would not ejaculate if she did
  • She told police but dropped the complaint after call from Weinstein’s office 

A British woman has claimed she reported Harvey Weinstein to the Metropolitan Police 25 years ago over sexual misconduct allegations.

Sophie Morris said the alleged incident took place while she was a 19-year-old intern for Miramax, working at the Savoy Hotel in London, during 1990-91.

Ms Morris claimed the movie mogul invited her into his room where he was lying naked on a bed, before asking her to massage him.

She later reported the incident to police, but dropped the complaint after becoming intimidated by call from Weinstein’s office.

Sophie Morris

Harvey Weinstein

Sophie Morris (left) claimed she reported Harvey Weinstein (right) to the Metropolitan Police 25 years ago over sexual misconduct allegations in her hotel room

Ms Morris, now 44, told the Guardian and the BBC  she had ‘shut down’ the experience ever since, but decided to reveal her tale to show it was not only actors that were victims.

Women including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne have told how Weinstein abused his position of influence and power in the movie industry to attempt to pressure them into sexual encounters.

Ms Morris’ revelation comes as the Met announced it is now looking at allegations of sexual assault against Weinstein from seven women.

Officers have received 11 separate allegations of sexual assault on dates ranging from the 1980s to 2015.

The seventh alleged victim went to police on October 28 saying she was assaulted in Westminster in 1994.

Recalling her ordeal, Ms Morris said she was manning the phones in Weinstein’s Savoy suite when he called her into the bathroom.

Metropolitan Police are now investigating seven allegations involving Weinstein dating back to the late 1980s

Metropolitan Police are now investigating seven allegations involving Weinstein dating back to the late 1980s

The long list of actresses who have spoken out on Weinstein
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She claimed the door was ajar and that she could see he was naked, the producer then asked her to come in – but she refused.

However, Weinstein then asked her to come into the bedroom, where he was lying on the bed naked.

Ms Morris told the Guardian: ‘I remember this disgusting rash all over his body and he kept telling me it was a medical condition and it was being sorted, as if I cared.’

She said that he asked her to massage him and told her that he would not ejaculate if she did so.

Ms Morris added: ‘The next thing, I remember my top coming off.’

She said she could not remember if she took her top off or if Weinstein did it, but remembered feeling ‘very scared’.

Specialist sexual offence investigators at Scotland Yard said they are looking into allegations which are said to have taken place in London between 2010 and 2015

Rose McGowan with Weinstein in 2007

Weinstein pictured left in 2014 and right with Rose McGowan in 2007, who reportedly sued the producer after he assaulted her in 1997 at the Sundance Film Festival

Ms Morris claims the alleged sexual misconduct took place while she was working for Weinstein at the Savoy Hotel (pictured) in London

Ms Morris claims the alleged sexual misconduct took place while she was working for Weinstein at the Savoy Hotel (pictured) in London

Ms Morris later told her bosses at Miramax about the incident, who helped her report it to police.

However, days later she changed her mind about the complaint following a call from Weinstein’s team.

She said: ‘I remember I got a call from this woman who ran the office and who said that Harvey wanted to speak to me.

‘I was scared. I hadn’t even told my mum or dad what had happened. I told her I didn’t want to speak to him. I never heard anything again.’

Scotland Yard could not say if it had a record of the incident, but urged anyone with allegations of sexual assault to report them to police.

Weinstein denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.

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do you get it?

Lord Janner ‘raped and tortured young boys INSIDE Parliament’ claims Simon Danczuk MP

The Labour MP said police had shown him allegations of “children being violated, raped and tortured, some in the very building in which we sit”

could he kill you and still get away wi it?

No suspension for Police Scotland chief constable Phil Gormley after fourth bullying allegation

Martin Williams Senior News Reporter
No suspension for top Scots police chief after fourth bullying allegation

No suspension for top Scots police chief after fourth bullying allegation

SCOTLAND’S top police officer will not be suspended despite being hit by a fourth bullying allegation from a senior staff member.

It had been believed that the latest allegation against Police Scotland‘s chief constable Phil Gormley reportedly by a civilian worker – would lead to his suspension.

The chief was already being probed over three earlier complaints involving gross misconduct by the Police Independent Review Commissioner when a fourth complaint emerged.

The Scottish Police Authority board has, however, decided to extend his period of so-called ‘extended leave’ rather than suspend the officer to allow the investigations to take place.

If cleared of wrongdoing he was then expected to be invited back to resume his duties as head of Police Scotland.

Although the effects of ‘extended leave’ are the same, suspension is seen as a more serious public action and as an actual sanction.

It is understood he will continue to collect his £212,000 salary while the complaints against him are investigated.

A statement relating to the board’s review decision says: “The considered decision of the board was not to suspend the Chief Constable at this time and that it was appropriate to continue the period of extended leave and review this decision by 3 November 2017.”


Scottish Police Authority’s departing chairman Andrew Flanagan (above)  said that “we would continue to keep that arrangement under review”.

Mr Gormley, who took over the top job in Scottish policing in January 2016, went on special leave in early September after it emerged a second complaint of gross misconduct against him had been made by a member of the Force Executive, Police Scotland’s senior management team.

That team is made up of officers of the rank of Assistant Chief Constable and higher, the force’s deputy chief officer and the director of ICT.

The first complaint of gross misconduct was announced in July, with Mr Gormley denying the allegations.

In his last statement, issued when he stepped aside last month, Mr Gormley said: “In the interests of the office of Chief Constable and the broader interests of Police Scotland, I have sought and been granted special leave to enable this matter to be properly assessed.

“I deny and reject the allegations and will co-operate with the SPA’s assessment and procedures. It is my intention to resume my full duties when this matter has been resolved.

tipping point?

Was Kevin Spacey talking about HIMSELF when he accepted an Oscar for playing a creepy old man in American Beauty?

Was Kevin Spacey talking about himself in Oscar speech?

Kevin Spacey won Best Actor at the Academy Awards ceremony (left) in Los Angeles for his portrayal of Lester Burnham (right), a middle-aged man who becomes obsessed with his teenage daughter’s best friend. But now Christopher Shinn, who wrote the Pulitzer Prize-nominated play Dying City in 2006, has drawn attention to Spacey’s acceptance speech amid controversy surrounding the star after an allegation he once attempted to sexually assault a 14-year-old boy. Shinn tweeted: ‘I always felt Kevin Spacey’s 2000 Oscar speech alluded to/minimized his misconduct. I bet it’ll be played a lot once more stories emerge’.

EXCLUSIVE: Spin City actor Richard Kind is concerned that some women tweeting ‘#MeToo’ and accusing Harvey Weinstein and other predators of sexual assault could be using it for ‘their own aggrandizement’ and ‘fame’

Richard Kind, 60, weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal at the Carney Awards on Sunday. He said the controversy could finally bring change to the industry.

Netflix is considering a House of Cards spin-off as the show is cancelled after outrage at Kevin Spacey sexual assault claims

Netflix is exploring a House of Cards spin-off after cancelling the show amid sexual assault claims surrounding star Kevin Spacey. The satire of Washington politics will end after its sixth season.

International Emmys announces it will no longer honour Kevin Spacey as Star Trek star Anthony Rapp steps out for the first time since accusing House of Cards star of attempted sexual assault

International Emmy Awards will no longer give Kevin Spacey an award, the group announced. Anthony Rapp has been seen for the first time since alleging that Spacey tried to sexually assault him.

The Old Vic claims it NEVER had any complaints about Kevin Spacey and says it is ‘dismayed’ by sexual assault allegations 

The Old Vic theatre, in London, says it has never received a complaint over the behavior of Kevin Spacey, who was artistic director there from 2004 until 2015, after he was accused of sex assault.

Netflix SUSPENDS production on final season of House of Cards indefinitely over Kevin Spacey’s underage sex assault claim

Netflix suspends production on House of Cards final season

‘MRC and Netflix have decided to suspend production on House of Cards season six, until further notice, to give us time to review the current situation and to address any concerns of our cast and crew,’ producer Media Rights Capital said in a joint statement Tuesday. The move comes just two days after Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp revealed that Spacey attempted to sexually assault him in 1986, when Rapp was just 14. Spacey, who was aged 26 at the time, claims he does not remember the alleged attempted assault but issued a public apology which he also used to come out as gay. The move has since been criticized as a cynical way of trying to deflect from the allegations.

Ex-5 Live presenter Shelagh Fogarty is the latest star to come forward and claim she was groped while working at the BBC

LBC radio host Shelagh Fogarty, 51, from Liverpool, spoke about her experience for the first time live on her show yesterday.

Sex and the City star Gilles Marini says he ‘became a piece of meat for many Hollywood executives’ following success of movie 

Gilles Marini, who starred in the Sex and the City movie, as well as Dancing with the Stars, is the latest to open up about having to deal with unwanted sexual advances in Hollywood.

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