LAMBETH: Westminster & the South London Cover Up

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Westminster & the South London Cover Up

IMG_2260Coronation Buildings

In 2015, BBC Newsnight featured an investigation into the cover up of paedophile activity by Cyril Smith in Streatham.  It seems pretty straightforward and isn’t often referred to, but if you listen to the content, it’s incredibly sinister and raises many questions on the wider issue of establishment paedophiles and the lengths that others have gone to in order to protect them.  Who was the member of the security services and members of the police also involved?  If police were involved, does that link back to the ‘sex dungeon’ found underneath Lambeth Police Hq, as mentioned in my previous post regarding Lambeth?

I am providing a transcript of the item because the BBC have already removed it from the iPlayer.  It can, however, be found on YouTube.   I hope that iiCSA have received a copy of this…

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