“Security Services” running rogue – Deep State out of Control

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“Security Services” running rogue – Congress #Awangate Spyring run by CIA

                                                 Deep state out of control

The recent Crowdsource the Truth video [below] from 8th August is an important one.

The #AwanBrothers #Awangate spy network of congress looks as though it is CIA operation and that is just the start.

A very brief recap, the highly paid Pakistani Awan brothers, appear to have been brought in to spy on Congress to find out what congress were up to and to control them.

They did this by doctoring Blackberry phones configured to synchronise with external servers, so that Congress persons emails and communications were saved without knowledge of the people using them. The information is used to blackmail members of Congress.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz, disgraced ex DNC Chair, who illegally helped fix Hillary Clinton the Democrat nomination against Bernie Sanders is revealed to have have pressured Congressional bank to…

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