quinny canne help himself

Although there are a great many charlatans out there, I seriously doubt if there is anyone out there who has legitimate training in any aspect of media that does not understand the meaning of the expression “in camera” and would ever fumble over it. The reason being that even those who train in support roles, such as photographers, designers or the like, need to pass a ‘media law’ module.

A study of the law will be a core part of studies in journalism… And is central to the skillset.

It seems not ever to occur to these people that to learn any skill and take on a professional title of any kind requires years of learning and education. – That there is a very good reason why college and university courses take two, three or four years of full-time study; and even then there are decades of lifelong learning ahead if one is to move through the ranks.

It does amaze me… The ease with which complete frauds such as Angela Power-Disney will don mantles they have no entitlement to with the ease a child wears a costume from a dressing-up box. Of course, she and those like her never progress (emotionally or educationally) much from childhood. And the fundamental mistake they make is that the rest of the world is just as stupid and wilfully non-educated as they are!

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