quinn the bad penny turns up again

I’m actually somewhat sceptical about these claims of hers to have had computers seized etc. As she is without these things, and claims to be disadvantaged because of it, how is she still posting and operating? Is there any independent corroboration of this arrest and seizure? Which court is she due to appear at under what charges exactly?

Perhaps she is due to face court for some relatively minor disturbance in its vicinity? Up before the beak for a wrist-slapping; inflated by her to be a criminal trial and seizure of property.

Belinda McKenzie’s ‘Teflon’ coating has, after all, been working to her disadvantage just lately. – Even the thickest of thickos can see quite plainly that she’s strangely untouchable. And, much as an ASBO is a badge of honour to a street thug a criminal record these days is validation to a ‘troofer’. Was it not McKenzie who orchestrated Robert Green acquiring one after all? And what about the dance of Shayler?

IF – and it’s a big if – McKenzie really is facing court it’s long overdue; but I strongly suspect it will be on some minor charge and, like the actions taken against her minions, the outcome will be a whitewash.

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