Barry George Cutler 2011 Oct 26 Court of Appeal – PIE

George was also on the RAINES list

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I think Sir John Thomas judge in this case is likely to be the present Lord Chief Justice who was Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, or  John Thomas, Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd [4]

He was one of those who “exonerated” Judge Adrian Fulford 2017 Jul 25 cathy fox blog Judge Adrian Fulford – Can we trust him?[3]


Some court reports have had victims names redacted and some assault details redacted.

This is a difficult balance –  normally I would think that  I should not “censor” details but on consultation with various people I have taken the decision to redact. This is mainly to protect victims, their friends and relatives from unnecessary detail and to stop the gratification of those who seek salacious details.

In addition to the obvious “victims redaction” to protect victims details, there may also be “assault redaction” across most of the spectrum of abuse. The assaults are…

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