Lewisham Council – Whistleblower Documents 2 – Introduction to Leeways — cathy fox blog on child abuse


Lewisham Council have been and still are delaying and obstructing legitimate Freedom of Information requests and consequently covering up child sexual abuse.

It is a criminal offence under the FOI Act to “alter, block, destroy or conceal information”. I believe that individuals in Lewisham Council are guilty at the least of blocking and concealing information, and so it may be that some individuals have to be reported for this offence.

I have now instigated a Stage 1 complaint against Janet Senior the person supposed to have carried out a Stage 1 Complaint Investigation into the Monitoring Officer of Lewisham Council, Kath Nicholson.

Janet Seniors Complaint Investigation into Kath Nicholson was so incompetent that it actually carried out a complaint into 3 people, although she has now admitted that she did this erroneously and that no complaint had been made against the other two. The investigation was a whitewash.

Kath Nicholson…

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