#CSASurvivors Stories 4 – Shirley Cooper

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As part of #CSASurvivors twitterstorm I offered to blog survivors stories. This is the fourth #CSASurvivorsStory, #CSASurvivorsStory4. This is #CSASurvivor Shirley Cooper’s story, a moving an inspiring story. Shirley from St Kitts is now in Birmingham.

                                                                Shirley Cooper

Birds and Bees by Shirley

In school today
the teacher say
bout the birds and bees
in fact she say
they make love and baby
a wife bird
does it wid a husband bird
and a wife bee
does it wid a husband bee
but dat can’t be right
because I see
Daddy do it wid Mummy
and Daddy do it wid me

from Books On Child Abuse 1[3] Ssh Ssh Baby – Shirley Cooper [19] A Survivor Myself. Experiences of Child Abuse. Edited by Pauline Kirk. 1994

This was sent to me from Shirley’s facebook [4] where she published it but I have not been able to connect with her yet.

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