CIA Release Disturbing MK-Ultra Mind Control Docs For First Time Ever


20,000 documents of illegal human experiments

Project MK-Ultra, which was the name given to an illegal program implemented by theCIA,ran human experiments focusing on mind control.

Since the 1975 Church Committee hearings exposed the operation, a freedom of information act request has now uncovered as a cache of 20,000 documents relating the disturbing mind control experiments.

MK-ULTRA’sorigins lie in operation Paperclip which was the top secret transfer of NAZI scientist to the US.

The scientists possessed documentation on unethicalNazihuman experimentation which also includes research into mind control and mental manipulation.

The Central Intelligence Agency wanted to create an optimal truth drug they could use in interrogations and research uses for mind controlled subjects as well as control of foreign leaders including assassinations.

SputnikNewsreports: For the next 20 years, the CIA — in conjunction with the Special Operations Division of the US Army Chemical…

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