Carpet fitter used customers’ broadband to download thousands of indecent images of animals and children

Robert Salisbury amassed a huge library of vile child abuse images and videos which he catalogued according to the ages of the victims some of which were as young as ten (Picture: SWNS)

A paedophile carpet fitter used his customers’ broadband to download and share more than 2,000 indecent images of children and animals.

Robert Salisbury amassed a huge library of vile child abuse images and videos which he catalogued according to the ages of the victims – some as young as 10.

Trump bans transgender people from serving in US militarySalisbury, 40, ran a carpet and flooring business while using clients’ broadband at the same time as accessing that of his neighbours, family and friends.

His actions led to one innocent man being arrested and interviewed on suspicion of the offences.

When police raided his home in Hulland Ward, Derbyshire, officers found files on his computer showing he had shared more than 2,000 sick pictures and videos with other paedophiles.

Derby Crown Court heard Robert Salisbury used customers’ broadband to download 2,000 pictures of children and animals (Picture: Google Maps)

Salisbury admitted possessing 175 extreme pornographic images of animals and taking indecent photographs of a child, with 36 of the most serious category. also pleaded to distributing indecent images and another of voyeurism against a woman.

Airbnb such a death trap the owner almost ended up in prisonAt Derby Crown Court on Tuesday Salisbury was jailed for four years three months

Recorder Steven Evans said: ‘You used the broadband connections of a number of your neighbours and friends – a couple who you have fitted carpet for. You used their broadband to access indecent images of children and as a result, the gentleman concerned was arrested, put in a cell and interviewed.

‘He has had to suffer the embarrassment and humiliation of that – he is a victim of your offending.

‘You have used the dark web deliberately to access and distribute these images covertly, you used friends, family and neighbours’ to protect yourself from being discovered.

‘Sadly there are thousands of children out there being abused so that people like you can look at them.’

Victoria Rose prosecuting said Salisbury was familiar with how to encrypt computers to cover his tracks.

She added: ‘When his computer was analysed, officers found evidence that the defendant was aware of the encryption of computers and being able to hide his activities online.

‘Clearly the defendant was very familiar with what to install to hide his activities.’

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