The police have no interest in planting anything on anyone’s computer, they have no need to…

As has been pointed out numerous times by others, Belinda McKenzie, Brian Gerrish, Robert Green, Andy Peacher and the innumerable other members of this coven of misfits and scammers (one could write quite a long list) have produced absolutely *zero* by way of actual convictions… There is not even the most tenuous link to be found to them and the prosecution of anyone who is in jail or has been in jail for any matter relating to child abuse – nor anything else of note for that matter.

On the other hand, there are numerous direct connections between these people – McKenzie especially – and those who have actually abused children in some way or another; and much generated by way of ‘excuse’ for those caught ‘in flagrante delicto’.

Additionally, there is McKenzie’s – *and others’* – manipulation of child abuse to consider. Again, this has been pointed out before, she and her kind are sucking attention and resources from legitimate victims… Faux charity scams that line the pockets of the organisers are common enough, though it’s particularly reprehensible to be filling your personal coffers off the back of the sexual and other abuses of children.

Worse still is the direction these people work to give the public narrative and perception of child abuse victims. – Anyone who takes an independent stance or raises concern is now instantly branded a ‘looney’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’. Easily ignorable and dismissed as mad; effectively gagged… Who does that suit exactly?

Acknowledging for a moment that corruption in public service is endemic, that sexual abuse directed against children and vulnerable people does happen…

Why would the corrupt minority (which I think does exist) within the police service have any interest in framing those who are seeing to it that *no-one* goes to jail and that victims and their supporters are taken *less* seriously and are more easily dismissed as cranks?

If there is evidence at all of the police and/or the justice system acting to protect paedophiles it lies in the strange ‘immunities’ that people like McKenzie and a few others seem to enjoy, and the leniency with which these cases are handled *if* they do see the inside of a court!

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