Ben Fogle’s wife Marina set up accident so daughter fell down the stairs – to teach her a life lesson about fear


I was playing the swinging game with my daughter Iona when I felt her arm crack as I swung her into the air.

The rest of the day was spent in an A&E ward where Iona was treated for a twisted elbow.

As a nurse examined my teary daughter, her first question to me was whether we had ever been visited by social services.

My heart pounded. What was she insinuating? Did she honestly think that I had intentionally hurt my child? With a grim feeling of sickness, I realised how dangerous it now is to encourage your children to take risks.

I’ve always been a fan of pushing my children out of their comfort zone. Overcoming fear is one of life’s most important experiences, and the buzz you get from it is utterly empowering. But challenging your children like this today isn’t as straightforward as you might imagine.


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