Barbara Hewson – Departs Hardwicke

Posted on April 23, 2017 Barbara Hewson – Departs HardwickeIts long been believed Barbara Hewson departed Hardwicke after a disagreement over her controversial comments regarding the age of consent.The reality: Barbara Hewson left after complaints by several tenants and other Barristers/Solicitors to Hardwicke.The facts:Barbara Hewson was reported to Hardwicke for bullying, this included homophobia, racism and drunken emails to every other tenant at unsociable hours.Barbara was asked to attend a meeting. On the morning of the meeting, Barbara didn’t turn up. Barbara chose to call in rather than attend in person – She was described as being Obviously drunk and was making HOMOPHOBIC SLURS AGAINST NAMED INDIVIDUALS AND SWEARING.Please note that this was in the early morning, before lunch. SHE WAS PISSED BEFORE LUNCH.Barbara decided during this phone call “to leave Hardwicke” knowing she would be forcibly ejected if she didn’t.Which raises the question What was the real reason she departed Mansfield 1 Grays?Share this:Press ThisTwitterFacebook1GoogleTagged Barbara Hews

Source: Barbara Hewson – Departs Hardwicke

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