Roger Laing 2015 Oct 2 Court of Appeal

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This appeal case has brought up several items of interest.

  • Reynolds House Childrens Home Bromley
  • The abuser who was appealing, Roger Laing Deputy Superintendent, Reynolds House Childrens Home. Laing also has a previous record from 1977 of indecent assault on a 10 year old.
  • William Harcourt Superintendent of Reynolds House Childrens Home mentioned as another abuser. In 1975 in UK he was charged with 11 cases of physical and sexual assault but case collapsed as complainants withdrew. In 2013 he was convicted in the US of sexual assaults against children. A separate post is being prepared on him.
  • Judge being Judge Fulford who has his own accusation against him of supporting  paedophile groups. This will be discussed in a future post.

Summary of Appeal

I am not a lawyer but I summarise the appeal as follows and please correct me if you know different.

A previous judge Judge Blackett sitting…

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