Sadistic pensioner jailed for reign of shocking “historic” child abuse


A sadistic pensioner who forced kids to drink bleach mixed with juice and shower in scalding hot water during a reign of historic child abuse has been jailed.

Sick Sandra Clayton, 70, subjected the children to regular beatings and tormented them during a catalogue of offending between the early 70s and mid 80s.

A court heard she forced soiled underwear into two of the children’s mouths if she deemed them to be not clean enough, made them sleep on the floor, go outside in the cold and slash their feet with a knife if they ran away from her.

They were also subjected to a sickening game called “swingies” where she would grab them by their limbs, spin them around and then let go, often causing injury when they hit walls or furniture.

When their injuries were too big to conceal, Clayton forced the victims to lie to the police…

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