YES ! AKFCB…….. and also those in authority that would prosecute them, jail them, or any of us that put the spotlight on their dastardly deeds…… given there really are connected rings of paedophiles who exist within every level of our world…..
They really do work against those who really want changes in child protection.
Many policies followed cause harm, do little real good, often avoid prosecution of the abusers and do need challenging.
Those claiming to champion the cause of CSA victims…….. have been drowning us out, making off our backs for too long……….. too many are suffering as a result and certainly the FMOTL lot pretend that they are robin hoods……. robbin hoodies more like……. tho I have no problem with people earning money by providing decent services etc…….they are justifying their actions because them in power or those they are prejudiced against do the same, according to them, all of ‘them’………. whoever ‘them’ is for these desperados of the net.
This crappy lappy, crashing midst writing some blinding comments etc…… plus problems caused by Angie, Heather and other Belinda ex lodgers, todgers, codgers and crapola merchants and their gangs….has enforced me to not do much…….bit of a blow, but thanks to everyone who’s keeping watch and unravelling their knotty net……….. I’m still not indispensable,


IMA CHARGE NADA unlike …..

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