racoon time

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    Not your fault you’re a shorty…! Anyway a head butt is a Scouse term of endearment and ‘welcome to my home’!

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    I have just had another injection to kill the pain, so am off to sleep for several hours. Sadly the Ketamine is not as effective as it was.

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    kindness and support offered to me by people who were screaming for me to be nailed to the nearest church door several months beforehand!

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    facade of pretending that one side or the other holds ‘the truth’. There are good and bad people on both sides. I have been surprised by the

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    knowledge as to what had gone on so many years ago. At the end of the day, none can ever know, but it would help if we all dropped this

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    untrue, it didn’t make us the ‘good guys’ scoring a ‘hit’ against the false accusers. It just made us bit players, adding to the pool of

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    It became a ‘war game’ played out on social media – just because I and perhaps you, were on the same side that could prove some stories were

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    buried in the stories from both sides. I am as guilty as anyone in assuming that people are either totally innocent or totally guilty.

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    However, I have learned over the past few months, that none of this is black and white as people would like. There is a grain of truth

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    I understand totally. I have had many questions posed to me ‘what did you say in your email dated 12th December etc. etc’ – Haven’t a clue!

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  11. The real Barbara Hewson has well and truly been exposed; the beauty of it being that it took no effort…she did it all to herself.

  12. How many struggling single parents could be excused buying a TV licence if the BBC fired Chris Evans? Answers on a post card please!

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    This is an excellent question, and I note the deafening silence from her fellow professionals in any attempt to answer this question.

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  14. I feel sorry for anyone born from the late 80s onwards. They have never known how great and safe this Country once was and have the ability1

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