#CSASurvivors Stories 2 – Carolines Story

cathy fox blog on child abuse

As part of #CSASurvivors I offered to blog survivors stories. #CSASurvivors have twitterstorms to raise awareness. This is the second #CSASurvivorsStory, #CSASurvivorsStory2.

This story is from Caroline and her twitter is @NOROOMToGroom. I am constantly amazed by the bravery and fortitude of survivors, having gone through so much, and Caroline is a good example of this.

Caroline’s Story

I am Caroline, ​aged 37, I live with my wife and 3 children. I have a dual diagnosis of depression & Psycho-sexual dysfunction disorder.

In August 2001, I started having driving lessons ​and was introduced to M​itch, now 63. ​He was the mechanic of the driving instructor​. I began using ​Mitch’s services and soon became​ what I thought was close​ friends with M​itch. He noticed cuts on my wrists due to self harming, so we talked about that, which led us to talk about my mental health. ​

He displayed a…

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