Mother: 1-year-old daughter sexually assaulted by children at babysitter’s home

NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — Police are investigating a mother’s claim that two children sexually assaulted her 1-year-old daughter while the girl was in the care of a babysitter.
Lichella Harris told officers the incident happened July 5 while her friend and her friend’s sister were watching her daughter.
13News Now spoke to Harris.
“From what I was told, it was told that the little boy and his friend took off her Pamper, fondled her, and tried to insert themselves inside her,” stated Harris.
The mother said she filed the complaint with Norfolk police a few days after the babysitter’s sister called her and told her what happened.
Police confirmed they’re investigating and said Harris’ baby received medical attention, although detectives said the girl was not hurt.
Police told 13News Now at the time the alleged incident took place, the children had been left alone.
“If you were actually keeping an eye on my child, none of this would’ve transpired in the first place,” said Harris.
Crystal Mann and Sarafina Mann were charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, although how those charges related to the allegations was not clear. In order to protect the integrity of the ongoing criminal investigation, police said they could not release additional information about the case.
Because of the ages of the juvenile suspects involved, the completed case file will be turned over to the Norfolk Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office for review.
Detectives notified Child Protective Services for response and follow up, as appropriate.

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