hewson still a cow

  1. AnnaStillHereRaccoon Retweeted Sarah Phillimore

    Who is this new woman Sarah? I didn’t realise you took tamoxifen – well done for getting to that stage.

    AnnaStillHereRaccoon added,

  2. Dame Alun Roberts Retweeted Sue Crocombe

    I wonder how many people in total have recieved this notification from Twitter today about the foul-mouthed Barbara Hewson?

    Dame Alun Roberts added,

  3. AnnaStillHereRaccoon Retweeted Dame Alun Roberts

    You send me off to sleep with that thought? Too, too cruel. Rees-Mogg fighting his way out of Hewson’s vagina……..poor bastard.

    AnnaStillHereRaccoon added,

  4. AnnaStillHereRaccoon Retweeted Small Thunderdog

    You found Barbara Hewson swimming towards you?

    AnnaStillHereRaccoon added,

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