[La3] Summary of Reports about Child Sexual Abuse in Lambeth

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This post is just to give a summary of information available about child sexual abuse in Lambeth

Reports concerning child sexual abuse that Lambeth Council has identified to date that they hold:

  • Notes of Management Inquiry into allegations concerning XX (1985)
  • Detailed background into the setting up the formal enquiry into allegations by XX that XX was sexually abused (1986)
  • Report to the Director of Social Services of the Management Investigation –Monkton Street (1988)
  • Investigation into the Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse – Monkton Street (1988)
  • The Lambeth Independent Child Protection Inquiry(1999) (also known as the Barratt Interim Report)
  • Two Lambeth Child Protection Inquiries (2000) (also known as the Barratt Final Report)
  • Review of Events and Circumstances Associated with Changes to Services at a Home Providing Residential Respite Care for Children with Disabilities (2000) (also known as the Chestnut Report)
  • Operation Middleton Interim Report (2000)
  • Operation Middleton Second Interim…

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